How To Stay Fit And Healthy This Winter

Ok I swear to God when I left for Asia it was summer and when I touched down again it was winter, did we miss Autumn or something?! Damn, it is cold. I don’t know about you, but I seriously struggle to keep active in the winter months. The dark mornings, short days and low temperatures make me want to stay inside wrapped up in my dressing gown. They certainly don’t motivate me to get to the gym! Alas, I need to keep working towards my goals and so do you. So here are my top tips to keep moving during the colder days.

Set Winter Goals

As the temperature drops, everyone seems to give up on their fitness goals, chucking on their baggiest jumpers and tucking into 12 mince pies. Not you and I. Nope. We are staying on track this winter aren’t we? Yes, yes we are. In order to do this, we need to set some goals to achieve during this period. I like to keep mine based around strength and performance such as achieving a 100kg deadlift (which is my personal goal!). Make sure that when you set yours they are specific, measurable and achievable; and write them down somewhere obvious, to keep yourself accountable.

Kit Yourself Out

There is no much thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices. At least that’s what my mum has always told me! It is definitely worth investing in some good quality winter warmers for any outdoor workouts you embark on. I’m not just talking about some leggings and a hoody. I mean full on thermals, rain jackets, headbands, gloves. The lot! I don’t want you catching a cold out there!

Brace Yourself

Now you have the kit, you have no excuses to not get outdoors. Suck it up, brace yourself, and step outside. I promise that after the fist few painful minutes you get much warmer and the weather is bearable. Ultimately, it is about mindset. You can see the winter chill as a hassle, or as a challenge to throw yourself into. Choose the latter.

Warm Up Thoroughly

If you do workout outside in the colder months, take extra time to warm up your muscles to reduce the risk of injury. Make sure to complete a full body dynamic warm up including movements such as leg swings to open up your hips, walking lunges to warm up your legs and glute activation to fire up your glutes. Safety first.

Winter Walks

Winter workouts don’t have to mean park bootcamps and icy running routes. I absolutely love a good winter walk. Grab a hiking guide from a local library or pick one up super cheap online, and drive into the countryside in your woolies and wellies. You will get to enjoy stunning scenery, fresh air and a physical challenge too.

Buddy Up

Staying motivated when the weather is against you is much easier when you have a partner in crime. Ask around the office or even try and rope in your partner. Pop a gym date in the diary, schedule in a morning run or book into a new workout class together. It is much harder to cancel when you have to let your friend down!

Hearty Fuel

Food is fuel, and you need to feel energised for your winter workouts. What better way to replenish those energy stores than with a wholesome warming stew, soup or bake? Winter is the season for hearty meals, so take advantage of that. Ensure they’re perfectly balanced with good quality protein, slow releasing carbohydrates and tonnes of veggie goodness. Chow down and fuel up for your chilly workouts.

Stay Indoors

If after all my encouragement, you just can’t handle the cold outside then that’s ok, I get it! However, that isn’t an excuse to not workout. There are SO many at home workouts which you can complete with zero equipment in the comfort of your living room. Just have a cheeky google or search through youtube and I guarantee you will find something for you.

Zanna x

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