6 Podcasts I’m Loving Right Now

If you’re a podcast addict like me then you’re always on the hunt for new shows to download. If you enjoy inspiring, educational and insightful conversations then I’ve got you covered. You can find a full list of podcasts recommendations on my resources page, but these six right here are the créme de la créme.

Podship Earth 

Hosted by Jared Blumenfeld, Podship Earth is a brand new podcast all about keeping ourselves and the planet healthy. Jared shares his own experiences shaped by his time at the US Environmental Protection Agency, brings in knowledgable guests, discusses current environmental news and somehow manages to keep the show light-hearted while talking about some very serious issues. Essential listening.

Talking Tastebuds

Hosted by Venetia Falconer, one of my favourite pals, this podcast combines lighthearted chats about food with deeper conversations about passion points. Venetia picks inspiring interviewee’s brains about what makes them tick, their journeys, knowledge and opinions. Every episode is different and I love the diverse range of guests… including myself!

The Doctors Kitchen Podcast

A no nonsense science based podcast from my good friend Rupy Aujla. A painfully intelligent yet charming qualified doctor, Rupy shares his knowledge about living and breathing a healthy lifestyle. He focuses on key principles for optimal nutrition, from how to structure your plate through to how often to eat your meals. All backed up with evidence and delivered in a digestible manner. Podcast gold.

Authentic Sex

This honest, open and insightful podcast, hosted by Juliet Allen, is essential listening. Sex is such a taboo topic and we need more people like Juliet to be starting conversations about subjects such as solo pleasure, exploring new partners and keeping the spark alive. She has such a refreshing and passionate attitude to sexuality which she portrays through every episode. Tune in, you won’t regret it.

Under The Skin

An eclectic podcast hosted by an equally eclectic man, Russell Brand. Russell interviews a whole host of guests from scientists and comedians through to politicians and monks, and everything in between. He digs “under the skin” to discuss the nitty gritty topics we all want to know about. I particularly love his podcasts related to meditation, mindfulness, presence and gratitude. Warning: His passion often manifests as ramblings, but you learn to love them!

Fit & Fearless

I mean I couldn’t do a podcast blog post without plugging my own could I?! The #GirlGains crew (Tally, Vic and I) have teamed up with BBC 5 Live to release the first series of our podcast: Fit and Fearless. It is a 10 part series where we discuss all things fitness from eating disorders and lifting weights through to body confidence and cardio. We share our own experiences, bust common myths and bring on expert guests to share their knowledge.

Give these a download and let me know your thoughts!

Zanna xx


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