3 Ways To Boost Your Workout

As time passes it is easy for your workouts to stagnate and become a little lack-lustre. You can slip into a routine which you never switch up and as a result your progress halts and motivation waivers. That is exactly why it is so important to mix up your training, boost your workouts, kick start your motivation and keep challenging yourself. Here and three simple steps to help you do just that:

Track Your Workouts 

I know this might sound intimidating, but I promise its not. You don’t need to go buying a notepad and jotting down all the weights you lift, unless you really want to! What I mean is just be mindful of how hard you’re pushing yourself. When you’re lifting weights be aware of how many reps and sets you’re doing on each exercise and what weights you’re using. For example if one week you shoulder press 8kg for 3 sets of 10 reps, try to make sure the following week you’re increasing the weight, reps or sets – even just by one rep! By using these variables to push your body you ensure you will continue to progress over time, the ultimate motivation. Another example is running, try using a run tracker such as Strava to monitor your runs. I have found that since using these apps I push myself hard than ever when I hit the pavement as I want to beat my previous times! 

Try a Class 

I am a huge advocate of classes. We often think that on our fitness journeys we have to go it alone when in fact there should be no shame in joining a group workout and having someone else push you through your training. Sometimes you just haven’t got the motivation to take yourself out of our comfort zone; so having someone there who can do this for you is exactly what you need. Classes allow you to try new forms of working out, whether its zumba or  boxing, with the support and guidance of a trainer as well as the energy of a group atmosphere. Sign up for a class you wouldn’t usually try; you never know, you might find a new passion! 

Dress with Confidence 

Gone are the days of training in an oversized shirt and old leggings. Activewear has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years and now it is more flattering and confidence boosting than ever. Investing in a couple of key pieces of kit, such as a supportive sports bra and a flattering pair of leggings, makes working out that much more comfortable and exciting! When I wear an outfit which pulls me in the right places, supports my body and makes me feel confident and comfortable, I am much more likely to smash my workout.

Personally, I am obsessed with the latest Adidas pieces on Very.co.uk; they stock all the latest styles so there is something for everyone. Ultimately, its not about being the fittest person in the gym or the fastest person on the track. Fitness is about finding your own groove, sticking with it and celebrating little victories along the way. By shifting your mindset to one focused around becoming the best version of you and training from a place of self-love, you will inevitably achieve positive results and #everydaylifegoals.

Zanna x 

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