17 Things Only Fitness Girls Will Understand

1. The never end pile of laundry we have to tackle on an almost daily basis, 90% of which is gym kit.

2. Not making eye contact with anyone else in the changing room as you slyly blow dry the sweat into your hair. Ain’t nobody got time to wash it after every gym session.

3. Drinking so much water that you need the toilet 24/7.

4. The struggle of removing your sports bra after a sweaty workout. You genuinely think you’re going to lose a limb in the process.

5. Single-handedly funding the dry shampoo industry.

6. The excitement when you can increase the weight you’re lifting. Yes, I am a strong independent woman!

7. Owning more pairs of trainers than normal shoes.

8. Having to rethink your whole upper body workout when you haven’t shaved your armpits.

9. Trying new exercises you saw on Instagram and failing miserably.

10. The fear of scaling a flight of stairs after leg day.

11. Having a whole drawer just for leggings. Most of which are black.

12. Having a competition against the person on the treadmill next to you. Oh you’re going at 12kph? I can do 13!

13. Going to bed at the same time as your grandma.

14. The awkward moment when you’re doing hip thrusts and make eye contact with a guy across the gym.

15. The necessity of doing “the squat test” in any new pair of gym leggings you buy.

16. Having to respond to the daily questions you get from friends and co-workers about what you’re got in your lunchbox.

17. The crippling embarrassment when you’re caught taking a sneaky gym selfie in the mirror.

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