What Do I Stand For?

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what I stand for as a blogger. I am so passionate about my job and I want to ensure that the message I am spreading is one which stays true to me, but is also beneficial to you. So, in case you’re wondering, after some self-reflection I have nailed down what I personally feel are my key values. If you like what you read, stick around!


If you’ve been following me for a while, you will know that I am all about balance. Moderation not deprivation is my mantra and I don’t support traditional diet culture. I don’t cut out food groups. I don’t believe in painfully long gym sessions or starving on measly salads. In my opinion, life is for living and as much as food is fuel, it is also a huge part of our social lives and a great source of enjoyment. And ultimately, enjoyment leads to sustainability.

My approach to fitness and nutrition is all about finding what works for you. Finding a form of exercise that you love. Finding healthy food that you love. Finding a lifestyle that you love and finding a balance which you can maintain long term.

Self-Love & Female Empowerment

Empowered women empower women. It is easy in our society which is steeped in “perfection” across social and mainstream media to feel dis-empowered. To feel low, self-conscious and to compare yourself to others. I have made it my mission, through the #girlgains global movement, to empower women to embrace, accept and love themselves and their bodies. I want to encourage women to stay fit and healthy from a place of self-love, not a place of self-hate. Our bodies are our vehicles through life and we need to harvest a sense of gratitude for all they do for us. Lets nourish and move our bodies because we love them and because we want to take care of them so they can carry us long into the future.


Mindfulness and meditation are a huge part of my life and I incorporate both into my daily routine. They are traditionally associated with de-stressing but for me it is so much more than that. I truly believe that cultivating a sense of self-awareness and focusing on being more conscious and present allows us to truly enjoy every moment. It gives us the ability to feel more gratitude, to spread compassion, to connect more deeply with those around us and to develop ourselves into better humans. Ultimately, mindfulness and meditation allow me to experience life to the fullest and I want to open more peoples minds to this approach to life so they can experience this too. Let’s spread some good vibes!

Conscious Living

I am a bit of an eco-warrior. And you know what? I am proud of it! Through learning about the subjects of cosmology and nature I have gained a huge sense of gratitude for the incredible planet we live on. Sadly, as humans we are getting bit carried away living our modern lives and many of us don’t realise how badly we are treating our home. A huge goal of mine is to raise awareness of the environmental issues affecting Earth, and encouraging my audience to make small sustainable changes which support the survival of our beautiful home and all the diverse species that inhabit it.

As a result of this, I have set up a private facebook group, the Living Consciously Crew, which is a safe judgement-free zone where open-minded individuals can discuss these issues and shares resources. There is no pressure to make radical changes or to live your life a certain way, just an incredible supportive community of people who want to learn. 


I am very aware that I am not an expert. Fair enough, I am a personal trainer and I know a thing or two about fitness; but I don’t claim to know everything (and I don’t think anyone should!). Which is precisely why I use my channels as a platform to bring in experts across a variety of fields. I love collaborating with people who know their stuff and operate with an evidence based approach. People who are qualified and aren’t afraid to use a reference two. Doctors, dieticians, specialists in their fields. I love to pick these peoples brains and share what I learn with you guys too, so we can all benefit.

It’s all about passion…

My key values are things which I am truly passionate about. The amazing thing about having your own blog and brand is that it’s just that, yours. You can talk about what you like and have the space to share your views and opinions. And that is precisely what I do. I share things I care about. I share messages which I think need to be heard. My topics reflect my interests. They vary widely; from recipes, workouts and empowering articles through to travel tips, environmental issues and my mindfulness experiences.

Basically, I want to be a blogger with substance. A blogger with a purpose and with a message to share. A blogger who spreads positive educated empowering vibes. I want my content to give you something more than just a few pretty photos to look at and a paragraph to read. I want it to open your eyes, challenge your opinions and really make you think. I want it to help you develop and grow as a human being, so you can find your own path to health and happiness; and truly be the best version of you.

Zanna x

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