June & July: The Round Up

Forgive me, June was a bit of a mad one. With 5 trips in 4 weeks I found it a little bit of a challenge keeping on top of all my content! Nevertheless, I am here now sharing my highlights from the past month and a half. I hope they inspire you to try something or someplace new.


June, as I said above, was the month of travel. I headed to NYC with adidas, to Ireland with Space NK, Finland with Visit Finland, and on holiday to Barcelona and Ibiza. Every single one of those trips was bloody incredible. Highlights were wandering the streets of downtown New York, hiking through forest in Finland, dancing at 5am in Ibiza and speeding around in a GoCar in Barcelona. Be sure to check out my travel guides for each destination!


There have been two awesome books I’ve read recently. The first is How To Have A Good Day. In short, it is bloody brilliant. It is packed full of practical tips and tricks to improve your mindset, with a focus on your working life. It is quite business based but hugely useful and I recommend it to any who wants to reduce procrastination and increase productivity. The second is The Pig Who Sang To The Moon which examines the emotional complexities of animals and is truly fascinating and eye opening.

Moving House

If you follow my instagram you may have seen that there have been some big changes in my life. Yep, I moved in with Ant! Exciting times! I am taking great pleasure in putting my own touch on our place, especially in the home office. In particular I have been loving getting my home accessories from Next and Urban Outfitters

Blink 182

For Christmas in 2016 my brother got me tickets to see Blink 182 in Leeds. The concert came around a couple of weeks ago and damn it was good. I have seen Blink 182 in the past but I haven’t listened to their music in about year. Seeing them up on stage brought back all my teenage memories and I knew the songs word for word! They are true punk legends.


Sound random, I know. But I recently worked on a project surrounding cooking with potatoes and it reminded me how damn versatile they are. They are so delicious and I can’t wait to incorporate them into my meals more often. Check out my Mexican Smashed Potatoes recipe!

The 52 Lists Project

I discovered the 52 lists project, which focuses on using journalling on a weekly basis through short lists on different topics. This encourages reflection and also gives a sense of gratitude and can ignite motivation. I love doing my weekly list!

Space NK Skincare

In June I went to Ireland with the head of Space NK PR, Jini, who is a good egg and certainly knows her stuff when it comes to skincare. She introduced me to a brand they stock called Dr Dennis Gronner. No word of a lie guys, it has changed my skin dramatically and I now feel like I glow! I use the Hyaluronic Marine Moisture Cream and the Alpha Beta Daily Peel. They are pricey but last ages and I honestly can’t recommend them enough!

Living Consciously Crew

The biggest highlight of the past few months has been opening up about my passion for mindfulness/mediation as well as eating/living in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. It feels incredible to share my other interests, alongside my love for fitness, food, travel and lifestyle. I launched a mindfulness series on my youtube channel, which got incredible feedback. I have set up a private judgement-free facebook group, the Living Consciously Crew, a friendly community openly discussing these topics. I also started woking with Sea Shepherd, a charity close to my heart as a keen scuba diver. These projects are allowing me to feel extremely fulfilled.

Tune in to my instagram stories to see what I get up to on a daily basis,

Have an awesome day,

Zanna xx

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