The Balanced Body Announcement

Ok, this is by far the most surreal, exciting and nerve-wracking blog post I have ever written. As you may have seen on Instagram, I have been working on a secret project for a fair few months now and its called The Balanced Body. So what is it? Well, it’s a book.

Phew… it feels good to finally say that!

Now, I’m not silly. I know that lots of other people in the fitness sphere are bringing out their own books and I wish them every success, especially my girls Alice and Faya! However, I am endeavouring to write a book which is totally original, with content which I genuinely feel has the power to change peoples lives. A bold claim indeed, but one I stand by whole-heartedly!

As you guys know, I strive to provide you with relatable, honest and evidence-based advice about how to achieve a healthy lifestyle and I am all about balance. Fitness and nutrition has long been associated with restriction, deprivation and a lack of enjoyment and I want to change that. The book is going to give you all the tools you could ever need to not only get stronger, fitter and healthier – but to have fun along the way!

So, what is in The Balanced Body?

  • A comprehensive guide to using weight lifting to sculpt and tone your body.
  • Pre-designed resistance workouts as well as step by step instructions to develop your own training program.
  • A series of bodyweight, HIIT and travel workouts.
  • How to support your training & facilitate optimal recovery.
  • Time saving ideas to fit fitness into your life.
  • My nutrition principles including guidance on topics such as how to make healthy choices on the go, pre and post-workout food and maintaining a balanced approach.
  • My top confidence-boosting tips and how to develop a positive mindset.
  • Over 40 quick, easy and delicious recipes which are both wholesome and indulgent.

The book is designed to be for busy people with minimal time. The workouts are short and sweet and the recipes are simple and tasty. The content is based on the latest research and avoids any fluffy stuff. I want to give you all the information and practical tips you need to achieve long-lasting results. It is going to be crammed full of all my knowledge, secrets and top tips which I have learnt from extensive reading as well as my experience in the field. I am still writing the book as we speak, which is why over on snapchat I am always rocking my dressing gown and unicorn slippers typing away at my laptop! There’s no ghost writers here, being a huge control freak I am ensuring that I write every single word myself. I am quite literally pouring my heart and soul into this book and I honestly think that it has the potential to transform peoples bodies, minds and lives!

I hope that you guys are as excited as I am about this huge project and it feels amazing to be able to finally share it with you. If you want to support me by pre-ordering the book now then please click here. If you do make any posts about the book then please tag me and use the hashtag #thebalancedbody so that I can find you!

As always, thank you so much for your ongoing support. You’re the best.

Lots of love,

Zanna xxx

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