I Changed My Book Title

Alright guys, as you can tell by the title of this post I have some pretty big news to share! I’m sure you’re well aware that I have been working on my book for the past 8 months (I mean I never shut up about the thing!). Previously, it had been called The Balanced Body, which at the time seemed like a great idea. However, as things have developed I have decided to actually change the title of the book prior to its release in December.

The book is now going to be called Strong. Yep, one word. Pretty bold hey? But I love it! Why have I done it? Let me explain:

  • First things first, the title the Balanced Body sounds bit “fluffy” and suggests that the content of the book will be quite wishy-washy. In reality, the book is meaty and full of knowledge, facts and information. It is a comprehensive resource for the reader and I hope it educates them about a whole host of vital topics. The title Strong gets this message across more effectively.
  • Secondly, people were hearing the title The Balanced Body and thinking the book was going to include topics such as yoga and mindfulness. I don’t have anything against these things, but they aren’t in it! I want the readers to really know what they’re picking up when they see the cover.
  • Thirdly, the title Strong is totally relevant to the content of the book. It contains a thorough introduction to lifting weights and guide for how to get stronger and effectively structure your workouts. It also focuses on mental strength and discusses developing confidence and establishing a healthy relationship with food, fitness and yourself.
  • Finally, the word Strong really encompasses my personal message and goals with the book. I want the readers to finish the last page and feel stronger in both body and mind and empowered to become the best version of themselves, and to love themselves through every step of their journey. I want them to be able to develop strong, fit and healthy bodies which carry them through life. Strong is such a powerful word and I hope that the book itself can have a powerful effect on those who read it.

Don’t worry. The content of the book hasn’t changed in the slightest, it is still crammed with information about how to achieve a healthy, fit and balanced body and lifestyle! To hear more about my reasoning behind the name change check out my latest youtube video. If you want to pre-order the book then click here, I would honestly be so so so grateful if you did!

I hope you guys like the new name, I understand that change isn’t always well received but please leave your honest feedback in the comments below. I really value your opinion.

Lots of love,

Zanna xx

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