How To Spend A Healthy Day In London

I get tweets and emails on an almost daily basis asking for recommendations of places to eat, drink and workout in London. I do have an abundance of blog posts on the subject for example thisthisthis and this. However, I know it can be a challenge to trawl through all my previous content to find my top tips. As a result, I have compiled a comprehensive list of my favourite things to do on a day in London if you’re a foodie or a fitness freak like me!

Take A Class

London is the best place in the UK to find fun, unique and challenging fitness classes; and there is literally something for everyone. My top recommendations are F45, Kobox, BOOMCycle, Frame or Barry’s Bootcamp; but there are so many more. You can even do sunrise yoga in the Shard if you’re feeling super fancy!

Eat Great Breakfast Food

London has some damn good brunch spots. There are highlights in practically every borough of the city but my personal favourites include Beany Green in Paddington, Ben’s Canteen in Battersea, Granger and Co or The Grain Store in Kings Cross, Grill Market or The Good Life Eatery in South Kensington, Lantana Cafe in Shoreditch and Brickwood in Clapham Common.

Hit The Wholefoods Shops

London has an abundance of huge health food shops which just aren’t available in the rest of the UK. You will literally be in heaven getting lost in the gigantic aisles crammed with delicious wholesome goodies. My favourite spots are the flagshop Wholefoods shop in High Street Kensington and the range of Planet Organic stores across London (my favourite is the one is on Tottenham Court Road which has its own cafe too!).

Explore The Markets

London has a whole host of incredible markets for you to browse. The most famous is of course Borough Market which is absolutely huge and crammed full of unique food stalls. It is also right next to Monmouth coffee which is said to be some of the best in London so be sure to pop in for a brew. I also personally love Maltby Street Market for grabbing food to go, as well as the Southbank Market for a fresh juice or lunch. If you have time then I also love Brixton Village Market and of course the Brick Lane Markets. There are so many to choose from!


You guys know I am all about indulging in delicious (less healthy) foods from time to time. Life is for living and food is for eating! A few of my favourite places to grab a treat are Sloane Brothers on Brick Lane where you literally can get full on brownies and custard creams stacked up on your froyo! I also love Crosstown Doughnuts and Dum Dum Doughnuts for warm gooey delicious doughnutty goodness. Finally, for a savoury treat I love going all out at Sticks and Sushi for dinner; and their dessert menu is a dream.

Go Activewear Shopping

Whenever I am outside of London I find that there aren’t many (or any!) good sports shops around. Whereas here in the city there are a whole bunch! My favourite is of course Active in Style on Kings Road who stock my very own activewear collection as well as all my favourite brands. There are also huge Adidas and Nike stores on Oxford Street, but I actually prefer the womens-only Nike shop which is again on Kings Road and has a curated selection of the best kit available. While you’re on kings Road you can also pop into Sweaty Betty and walk over to The Sports Edit on Fulham Road too.

Explore The Parks

London has a whole host of gorgeous parks which you can explore. I personally love Battersea Park the most due to its range of features from the lakes and forest paths through to the fountains, zoo, mini golf and even Go-Ape! However I also recommend St James Park near the Palace and of course Hyde Park. If you are feel particularly adventurous, the view of sunrise from Primrose Hill park is the best in London.

Get Active

The best way to explore London is either on foot or on a bike. The different areas of the city are surprisingly close to each other and often in walking distance, which means you can avoid the sweaty tube. Just download the app CityMapper and use it to help plan your journeys. London also has the famous Boris Bikes which you can hire for a small cost and ride around the city. Perfect on a sunny day!

I hope you have found this blog post useful and it helps you to plan your time in London. Let me know any of your recommendations in the comments below!

Zanna xx

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