My Stong Fitness Routine in 2017

As you guys know, I am now officially an Adidas Global Ambassador (I still pinch myself every time I say that!). As my first project with them, I have created a series of Strong workout videos which are completely free for you to use throughout 2017. Let me talk you through them.

So, there are four videos. One goes live every fortnight on the Adidas Facebook page. These combine weighted videos, such as a guide to my favourite deadlifts, as well as bodyweight HIIT workouts. This means that you can use them in the gym or at home, depending on your situation and preference.

I wanted these videos to reflect my philosophy to training and the workouts in my book Strong. I feel like in fitness, there can be a pressure to fit into a certain label. You feel like you have to be a “runner”, a “HIIT lover” or a “girl who lifts”. As if there is no in between. In reality you can be anything and anyone you want to be. You don’t have to be defined by or limited by the way you train.

Personally, my fitness routine is flexible. I don’t limit myself to one particular form of exercise. I don’t just lift weights. Just do HIIT. Just go for runs. I do a bit of whatever I fancy, and I like to keep it varied to ensure I reap as many benefits as I can. I love lifting weight as I find it super empowering. Plus it helps to build lean muscle (aka, a toned bod!) as well as increase bone density. Yep, lifting weights is actually good for your health! I also love to do bodyweight HIIT workouts to get a sweat on. This form of training is perfect for when I am travelling and can’t access a gym, or for them I want to train outdoors. It gets my heart pumping and gives me a huge endorphin hit, while increasing my cardiovascular fitness. But you know what? I also love trying out gymnastics, throwing myself into boxing lessons and stretching it out with some yoga. My training regime doesn’t fit into a label, and I like it like that. 

I just hope that my workouts, combining two of my favourite forms of exercise, can inspire you to get moving in 2017. Don’t put yourself in a box. Find your personal balance when it comes to training. Run. Use your bodyweight. Lift some iron. Mix it up and find what you love, because ultimately it is enjoyment that leads to sustainability.

Make 2017 your best year yet.

Zanna x

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