The Fitness Christmas Guide

If you have a friend, partner or family member who is a bit of a fitness freak, I’ve got you covered. This Christmas gift guide includes small stocking filler ideas all the way through to more pricey and indulgent treats. I have also included a lot of “experiential” gifts as I believe that these are often the best!

Before We Hop In:

I just want to plug an ethical gift website I recently discovered, and no this isn’t sponsored! It is called House of Kind, and every gift is cruelty-free, vegan and ethically sourced. They range from cushions and candles though to jewellery, beauty products and more. There is something for everyone, and every item on the site has a story. I can’t recommend it enough!

Right, onto the fitness gifts!


I mean, you really can’t go wrong with food. Health nuts tend to be foodies too, and often have a select few foods they are obsessed with. In my case, that is nut butter and granola. If you bought me a selection of nut butters I would be over the moon! So think about what food your gift recipient loves and go from there. Perhaps it’s coffee, in which case you could buy them some locally sourced coffee beans and a sparkly new caffetiere, as well as a super slick (and eco friendly!) reusable coffee cup. If they’re a big tea drinker then check out the gift boxes from somewhere like T2 or Hotel Chocolat (their chocolate tea is divine!). Or if they’re a snack-fiend then fill a stocking with energy balls, snack bars and sachets of their favourite protein powders.

If your recipient is a whizz in the kitchen then pick them up a recipe book or two, I personally love Oh She Glows & Thug Kitchen. You could even go a step further and get them a cookery lesson in an area of their interest, such as a bread baking course or sushi making day. If they cook their own meals and take them to work, then they would love some cute glass or steel tupperwear and a good quality water bottle. I recommend Chillys as they come in gorgeous designs while keeping hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold.


Health and fitness extend far beyond just our external appearance and physical performance, our headspace and mind matter too. There is a huge rise in mindfulness and meditation so its highly likely your friend is interested in this area.

If you’re looking to fill their stocking, try picking up some de-stress wrist rollers from brands such as Neom and Scentered. Colouring books are a great idea, as they have exploded in popularly there is a huge variety now – I have a unicorn one! More practical gift ideas include a meditation cushion as well as a candle or incense to burn as they meditate.

If they’re just beginning to delve into this area then perhaps get them a book, such as the iconic The Power of Now, Peace of Mind or The Untethered Soul. You can also give a gift which keeps on giving, by buying them a year subscription to the Calm meditation app. This gives them daily free guided meditations they can listen to as well as an extensive back catalogue of topical meditations. I am already a subscriber and love it!


There can often be an awful lot of gear which comes with being into fitness and the cost can add up real fast, so I have no doubt that your recipient would appreciate one of these gifts.

If they travel a lot or train at home, I highly recommend getting them some lightweight kit they can use anywhere such a TRX, resistance bands and sliders. If they’re into yoga or pilates, you can’t go wrong with a good quality mat. I recently purchased a running belt and can’t recommend it enough, I use mine multiple times a week to carry my house keys when I go for a job.

If they’re a gym-goer or a class-addict then a gym-bag or backpack is a great gift idea, check out my favourite vegan brand here. A sweat towel is infinitely useful, and you can make it personalised by having their initials sewn into one. Oh and don’t forget the obvious choice of activewear, because every fitness freak loves new kit. You can’t go wrong with a snuggly hoodie, a new pair of trainers or a new slogan tee. However, I personally love a good pair of gym socks. I know, what a cliche Christmas present, but they are undeniably useful!


One thing health nuts tend to be pretty poor at is self-care. They train hard and eat well, but they don’t spend enough time resting and supporting their recovery from working out. If you’re on a budget, buying them some trigger point release balls or a foam roller is a guaranteed winner. If you’re feeling generous then why not buy them a sports massage? They are so beneficial for recovery, yet so few people book them in one a regular basis.


There is an abundance of fitness related tech on the market, there is almost too much to choose from! If they like to film their training, or they’re a fitness blogger like me, treat them to a good quality tripod with a phone attachment. There is nothing more convenient or discreet for when you’re filming in the gym!

If you’ve got money to spend then I recommend buying your recipient a good quality fitness watch or headphones, if they’re in need of them. If you want to think outside the box, a piece of tech which I personally use and love is a UE Boom speaker. It plays my music super loud, anywhere, anytime, perfect for when I am travelling or training outdoors. I can’t recommend it enough, and why not get them a Spotify membership to accompany it?

Conscious Gifts:

If you’re looking for a gift with a conscience then check out the new Jasmine Alexander jewellery collection in collaboration with Sea Shepherd. The pieces are unisex and absolutely stunning; adorned with elegant spikes, mermaids, dragons and skulls in silver and gold. The prices are extremely affordable considering the intricacy and quality of the items. And the best bit? All the profits go to Sea Shepherd, a charity I am a huge supporter of!

And Finally, A Cheeky Bit of Self-Promotion:

If you’re looking for a value for money gift, then my book is pretty smashing if I do stay so myself! It is jam-packed full of information, including:

  • Training guidance, including how to design your own workout program
  • A complete guide to lifting weights
  • At home, gym and travel workouts
  • Self-love and mindset advice
  • Dietician-approved nutrition guidance
  • Over 40 recipes
  • And so much more!

Read the hundreds of 5 star amazon reviews here and grab yourself a copy for less than £10! (Ok, shameless self-promotion over!).

Merry Christmas!

Zanna x

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