My Adidas Shoe Collection

Yes, you read that right. Today, I brought out my very own footwear collection with adidas.

Someone pinch me.

If you don’t know, I am an adidas global ambassador (which in itself is already extremely exciting!). Since January this year we have been working on a super secret project, this collection. They flew in the miadidas team from Amsterdam and we got to work. I brainstormed ideas based on the city I live in, London, and how it inspires me and my training; combining this with my own personal style. The end result? A monochromatic collection of three shoe styles:

  • An adizero running shoe. The ultimate lightweight trainer. It is designed for running, but I also wear it for other forms of training like HIIT classes and weights sessions.
  • A superstar lifestyle shoe. I am obsessed with my white superstars, so it only seemed logical for me to create an all black pair. They go with everything!
  • A slider. These are my favourites! Perfect for slipping on with jeans and a tee.

Informally I have called it the “Strong” collection. It is based around all black with pops of white, making it super versatile and completely unisex. 

The reason behind the creation of this collection was to highlight the miadidas functionality on the adidas website. Through this you can customise your own footwear; choosing the style, colour, fabrics and even adding writing! I used this system to design my own collection, which you can shop here. You can also go on the adidas website and create your own custom trainers, shoes and sliders! Basically, you can create your own collection too! How cool is that?!

I would absolutely love for you guys to check out the campaign video for the collection here. It was a full day shoot with over 25 people on set! Definitely the biggest shoot I have ever done in my life, and the end product is just incredible. You can also browse the collection here and watch my youtube video where I talk about it in more depth here.

This is such an exciting blog post to write and I can’t quite believe that this is happening! I hope that you guys can share in my excitement for this collection! It is a pretty big deal for me!!!

Do let me know if you grab a pair of my shoes from my collection, we can be matching (!), or if you design your own!

Zanna xx

Disclaimer: This blog post is proudly sponsored by adidas.

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