New Discoveries: Sustainable Clothing Brands

As the founder of a sustainable brand, Stay Wild, I am always on the hunt for new conscious clothing brands. I get so excited to see how they’re doing things differently, disrupting the fashion industry and pushing towards positive change. I could honestly pull together a whole directory of my favourite sustainable clothing brands, so let me know if you want me to! But for now, where are some of my most recent discoveries.

By Aylin Koenig

Images from Aylin Koenig Website

This brand uses natural and high quality materials, opting for recycled options when possible. They produce their items in Italy and they endeavour to create designs which are timeless, so you can rewear them again and again. In particular I adore their chunky knits, they’re a cosy staple in my wardrobe. If you’re into minimalist style, you’re going to love their clothes!

AYM Studio

Images from AYM Studio Website

If you’re looking for a more reasonably priced ethical brand with fashion forward designs, AYM studio is the one for you. Their pieces range from bodycon dresses through to joggers, with each design being clean and minimal in nature. They produce their items ethically in England and use natural materials where possible. I absolutely adore their “apartment trousers”, and as a tall girls appreciate that they have the option to order them in different lengths.

Filippa K

Images from Kilippa K website

The goal of Filippa K is to produce items which are built to last. They encourage conscious consumption and follow a more slow fashion model. They responsibly source their materials and produce their items ethically, documenting their work through extensive sustainability reports on their website. Their designs use simple styles and classic shapes, I am lusting after one of their winter coats!


Images from Tricot Website

Tricot do one thing and do it really well – sweaters. Their pieces combine comfort, style, ethics and again, are built to last so you can wear them for years to come. Their materials come from a combination of conscious sources, and include recycled cashmere and organic yarns. Turtlenecks never looked so good!


Images from Omnes Website

Omnes is another more affordable sustainable brand. They have incredible transparency on their website, breaking down each factory they use in detail, explaining their fabric sourcing and reeling off an extensive list of eco-credentials. I’m suitably impressed! Their designs range from floral printed dresses through to oversized check shirts and cosy jumpers.


Images from Totême Website

Totême’s goal is longevity. Their designs are intended to transcend seasons and trends, and instead be part of a curated and streamlined wardrobe. They are transparent about their suppliers, production and materials and recently employed a sustainability specialist to aid the brand in making even more positive steps. They are perhaps the most pricey brand on the list but their classic pieces will never go out of style.

What are your recent favourite fashion discoveries? I always love finding new brands to support!

Zanna xx