Tall Girl Clothing Guide: Fashion That Fits a Tall Body

As a 6’2″ woman, I know the struggle of finding clothing that fits. Sleeves are too short, trousers come up cropped and playsuits pull in all the wrong places. Our long torsos and limbs make online shopping a challenge. Trust me I’ve been there, done that, got the too tight t-shirt. But after over 10 years of being this tall, I have some tips and tricks which you might find helpful. Let’s jump into it.

Know your measurements.

Then compare these to the measurements of the models on the website. For example if I see a dress modelled on a 5’8″ woman and it looks short on her, I know it’s going to be indecent on me. You can also compare measurements such as your inside seam to the trouser length listed on a website, to help you find bottoms that fit.

Shop the tall edits.

Luckily lots of brands now have tall edits such as ASOS and Topshop, however these are fast fashion brands. To combat purchasing directly from these retailers I try and get their items secondhand where possible e.g. on depop. However, don’t be too hard on yourself and if you can’t find a piece secondhand then just buy less and wear more.

Opt for midi dresses.

If I am shopping at a brand that doesn’t specifically cater to tall women, I don’t even look at mini dresses most of the time. Instead, I browse the midi dresses, which on my body will be a lot shorter than the models.

Shop Mens.

If I am looking for loungewear or an item that is more unisex, I will often shop the men’s section. They tend to add an extra inch or two to each item’s length. I have some great men’s plaid shirts and trackie bottoms which fit me perfectly. 

Jeans & Trousers.

This is often the biggest challenge for tall women. My solution is again opting for the tall edits at brands that offer this. I always look on depop first before buying directly. My go-to brands for jeans are Topshop Tall, New Look Tall and ASOS Tall. But even then, some ‘tall’ trousers can come up too short. If that’s the case then I cuff them to make it look intentional or cover my exposed ankles with a chunky boot.

Follow tall women online.

There are tonnes of content creators online who are over 6 foot tall and share their outfits. This can help you learn about brands, styles and pieces which will fit you. Check out Lily Kilgour, What Maya Wears, Jacqueline Ilu and Tara Jade Style.

The Tall Society.

This society has some great resources for us lanky limbed ladies, such as their Ultimate Tall Brand Directory. They also have a blog full of useful articles such as “tall friendly workwear” and “black-owned tall businesses“.

And most importantly, own your height. It is your power!

Zanna x