My Luxury Skincare Essentials

Honestly, I’m a bit tight. There aren’t many things I am willing to splash the cash on. But the one thing I will invest in is my skincare. In my opinion, you only get one face so you might as well take care of it!

I remember when I first moved to London I popped into a Space NK shop on Kings Road, had a browse and wandered straight back out as I realised I couldn’t afford a single thing. However, now that I am in a position where I actually have some disposable income (yay!) I can head in there and top up my skincare routine without having a heart attack. And I tell you what, the products are worth the price tag!

Recently I was lucky enough to head to Ireland with the head of the Space NK PR team to do a talk, and she informed me of all her favourite products that they stock. Well, that was dangerous knowledge. A whole new skincare routine ensued and I have to say, that I think my skin is currently the best it has ever been. I used to be terrified to be seen without makeup whereas I now hardly wear it at all! That is a serious transformation, one who saves me a lot of time in the morning! I personally think it is closely linked to a few key products, which I want to share with you.

My Skin Type: Combination. Oily T Zone. Dry Cheeks.


Sunday Riley CEO Cream 

Dr Barbara Sturm Sun Drops

In the past I found my moisturiser either left me feeling super oily and slick or completely parched; it was a challenge to find that happy medium. Finally I found the Sunday Riley CEO day cream, which is the perfect balance. It nourishes my skin and feels super plumping. It takes a little while to sink in (which I like) and keeps me feeling hydrated all day, without being heavy. I also add a couple of drops of Dr Barbara Sturm SPF 50 sun drops to it to give sun protection on a daily basis. I find when I use a separate SPF lotion I can often feel a bit greasy or like I am overloading my skin. By mixing in the drops I avoid this, while still getting maximum protection.


Dr Dennis Gross Night Cream

Dr Dennis Gross Universal Daily Peel

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil 

My evening routine changes every other day. On the first night I will apply the Dr Dennis Gross Universal Daily Peel. This helps to gently resurface your skin through chemical exfoliation (not as scary as it sounds I promise!). Honestly, I think this product alone has been an absolute game changer for me and has significantly helped to reduce my scars from previous acne. I then follow this up with the Dr Dennis Gross Marine Hyaluronic Moisturiser, which nourishes my skin without feeling too heavy, as many night creams can be. On the alternate nights I swap the peel for a nourishing serum. This is usually my Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil. This is said to help renew and repair your skin. I don’t think it has miraculously got rid of my new found wrinkles (damn you ageing!), but it certainly leaves me feeling super hydrated!

All in all…

I just want to say, please bear in mind that for years I have used high street skincare brands and I think that they are incredible. You can certainly get amazing results using products you pick up from your local Boots or Superdrug. However, I now choose to spend my money on more expensive skincare items. Please don’t hate me for that!

Of course there are other elements to my skincare, such as cleansers, face washes and more but I vary these each day. The above products have been consistently in my daily routine for about 2-3 months now and I am loving them. That being said, please bear in mind that my skincare is always evolving and my products used will change over time. But right now, these are my holy grails!

Let me know if you want to hear more about my skincare routine!

Zanna x

P.s. For your knowledge, all these products are cruelty free. This post is not sponsored by Space NK but the products were initially gifted. I have repurchased them myself since though!

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