I Am An Adidas Ambassador

Ok so I have some pretty exciting news… you might have seen across my social media that I have been working pretty closely with Adidas recently. I went to their HQ in Germany, I’ve been having tonnes of meetings at their London office and I even did a video shoot with them the other day. 


Because I have just signed to become an Adidas Global Ambassador for the year 2017…


Ok, so that’s all very exciting, but what does it mean? Let me explain.

Why Adidas?

Guys, it is literally a dream come true to be able to work with Adidas on a global level. In fact, it is beyond my dreams. It is something I find hard to even fathom. How the heck do Adidas even know who I am? Why do they want little old me to represent their brand? It blows my mind. I am honestly so honoured to be firmly part of the Adidas family.

I have actually been working with Adidas for over 18 months now. Our relationship started with some shoots and collaborative content creation. This then expanded to leading Adidas workouts at The X space earlier this year, and then heading to the Olympics with them (a massive pinch me moment!) as well as their HQ in Germany. This step up to a global ambassador role is a huge one, but also a natural progression from our existing strong relationship.

I have always admired Adidas as a brand. Everyone knows and respects the three stripes. The quality and forward thinking technology of their kit is unrivalled. Their branding is strong and empowering. They know how to effectively flatter and support every body shape and type. The more and more I have got involved with the Adidas team, the more I want to support them. They are good people who genuinely want to enable every single person to achieve their goals, both in and out of the gym.

What is a global ambassador?

Good question. A global ambassador is someone Adidas feels encompasses their key messages and principles, and therefore chooses to represent the brand on a global level. Their are only a handful of them across the world, and I feel extremely honoured to be in the line-up alongside women I admire and look-up to.

In my role as a global ambassador I will be working with Adidas throughout 2017 to create some epic content for you; kicking off with my Strong workout videos over on their Facebook page. The first one goes live today, so be sure to follow them along. It doesn’t stop their though, I will be working with them to create videos, blog posts and Instagram content which not only showcases their latest innovations, but also educates you about fitness and empowers you to look after your body and mind. Plus, Adidas will also allow me to meet you! I will be hosting events and leading workouts across London and the world. And so much more, you’ll just have to wait and see what we have in store!

This is an incredible opportunity, one I never thought I would get and one I am going to grasp with both hands. I hope that you can sense my overwhelming joy over this extremely exciting development in my career and will continue to follow my journey in 2017!

You can see a behind the scenes vlog from creating my Strong workout videos over on my youtube channel!

Zanna xx

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