How To Achieve Your 2017 Goals

It’s a new year full of new opportunities, a chance to start fresh and work towards what you really want to achieve. I want you to be the best you can be, so here are my top tips to make the most of 2017.

Set Them Early

Don’t get to January 1st and think “shit, I haven’t set any goals”. You need to go into the new year with a clear mind and some predetermined goals you want to work towards. Try and outline these well before January hits.

Think Deeply

Don’t just set goals based on your physical appearance. Try to think beyond how you look and into how you feel, how you think, who you are as a person and where you want to take your career. These deeper goals will improve your life so much more than shallow ones.

Do It From A Good Place

If you are setting a goal based on your body, make sure its coming from a place of self love. Really reflect on why you want to achieve this goal, and ensure you’re doing it because you care about your body and care about your health. This intrinsic motivation holds more power than making changes for external validation.

Be Focused

Try to not set 50 goals. Instead, focus on a handful of key things you want to achieve. I try and stick to 3-5 main goals for the year ahead. this means I can really focus my energy into them. Do less, but better.

Dream Big

Be ambitious but realistic. Set goals which have a clear path. Break each goal down into smaller practical steps and work towards these first. A big goal is exciting, but daunting. Make it easier for yourself by segmenting it into steps.

Motivate Yourself

By breaking your big goals down into smaller steps, you are allowing yourself to more easily make positive strides towards your dreams. By ticking off these smaller steps, you’re motivating yourself to keep going until you reach the big ones.

Put Them In Writing

Write down your goals, whether thats on a piece of paper or in a spreadsheet. Make yourself accountable by putting them were you can’t avoid them, so they remind you on a daily basis what you’re working towards.

Be Specific

Make sure your goals are specific and measurable. Avoid general statements like “I want to be successful with my career” and replace them with sentences like “I want to get a promotion by the summer”. This gives you a specific task and deadline to work towards.

Check In With Yourself

Don’t just write down your goals on January 1st and never look at them again until December. Make time each week to look through these goals and reflect on what you’re doing to work towards them. Be self aware and make practical steps to ensure you’re moving forwards and making progress.

The power is in your hands to make 2017 your best year yet.

You’ve got this,

Zanna xx

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