Guest Post: How To Spend A Healthy Day In Birmingham

Who’s loving the healthy city series? I know I am, and that’s why I wanted to put my city on the map.

I’m Leisha, a health and fitness blogger based in Birmingham studying sports science at University. I compete in bikini competitions, throw a bit of powerlifting in there and am truly passionate about overall health, wellbeing and nutrition.

Birmingham is the most well connected city in the UK and it’s central so easily accessible for everyone. I will be honest it doesn’t have the most diverse health scene in the UK but it’s slowly growing which is great for health and fitness enthusiasts and bloggers like me.

So here’s my insight into ‘How to spend a healthy day in BIRMINGHAM’

Move It

What’s the best way to start the day? By moving, there are a few really cool places to work out here in Birmingham. Easy Gym has to be one of the best gyms around from rows of squat racks to rows of treadmills they have brilliant machines and facilities all in huge quantities there’s just so much space, Day Passes are also very affordable.

Another brilliant gym for the lifters among you is Emporium Gym its been visited by world renowned athletes and you can’t help but get motivated there. For people wanting to try something new check out MSC Performance for tire flipping, strongman sessions and even log training.

Stretch It

Don’t forget to relax and unwind whilst working on that flexibility. Based in the centre of Birmingham Yoga Sweat is a beautiful yoga studio that offers every form from hot yoga, Jivamukti, Dharma, Rocket to Antigravity.


There are a few great whole food stores in Birmingham. My favourite is Natural Healthy Foods because of it’s diverse range and expertise. They’re truly passionate about healthy living and the best part… all the chocolate! Raw, vegan, healthy, all types of guilt free chocolate, please try the salted caramel loving earth chocolate!

Eat It

The bit you’ve all been waiting for, where to EAT!

All health nuts love a good brunch spot so I’ve picked the best two in Birmingham for you. The first is Yorks bakery the best place for your classic Avocado and toast, they also do dishes such as shakshuka, almond milk porridge and banana bread.

Another top brunch spot is the Mad Cup cafe, which is an Australian themed cafe. This feels more like a superfood hotspot featuring Acai bowls, superfood porridge, hotcakes, chia pudding and lots of raw healthy desserts. They also have an extensive list of superfood drinks with rose infused lattes and honey red teas.

Although it’s a chain PHO is my go to place for a healthy lunch or dinner date, it’s a fresh and healthy Vietnamese street food restaurant. Their speciality is Pho of course but they also have noodle, rice and salad dishes along with my favourite starter of rice paper rolls.

Walk It

Birmingham has more canals than Venice, so what better way to get your steps in then going for a walk along the stunning canals. I recommend either starting or finishing in Brindley Place, as it’s a buzzing area with lots of cafes, restaurants and entertainment.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my tour around Birmingham so please come and visit soon.

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