Freestyle HIIT : The Perfect Travel Workout

You know when you try something new, you like it and then you just keep on doing it over and over until you’re sick of it? I think that is what is happening with me and freestyle HIIT. I am addicted right now. I am loving every session. I want to do it all the time. It leaves me absolutely buzzing and I want to share it with you!

Now I know what I am going to share isnt groundbreaking. I bet a lot of people already do this. However, for me it is very exciting. I never used to do HIIT training on my own. I couldn’t push myself. I had to go to classes to really be challenged. However, with this new approach I am able to take my body to its limits.

Here’s what happened;

The other day I was in the gym and I thought to myself, I want to have a super challenging 30 minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout but I don’t want to do boring circuits. Hmm… how can I challenge myself?

I decided to set up a timer to 30 seconds on, 10 seconds off and just go with it.

It was epic.

The short rest periods mean’t that I didn’t have time to think, and didn’t have time to slack off. I just did one exercise after another and threw myself into the hardest session I had in a long time.

Now I use this technique at least once a week!

What exercises do I do? It totally depends. Some days I alternate high intensity cardio exercises like burpees, with lower intensity core exercises like deadbugs. Other days I switch between upper body, lower body and cardio moves. I tailor it to what I want to do that day. I usually do just bodyweight exercises, but sometimes I add in kettlebells and sandbags.

Here is an example order of 10 exercises I may do:


Push Ups

Mountain Climbers

Jumping Lunges


Reverse Burpees


Sit Ups

High Knees

Sumo Squats

Whatever I do, I make sure I sweat!

The best part? I can do it anywhere, anytime. I have done it in the gym, at home and outdoors. You don’t need any equipment. Just your body, your phone timer and your imagination! This is perfect as I have a crazy few months of travel ahead and I now have this approach to use when I am short on time and resources!

Give it and go and let me know how you get on!

P.s. See a sneak peak of one of these workouts in a vlog of mine!

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