Five London Food Experiences To Try

Having been based in the city for over a year now, I think I can officially start to call myself a Londoner. One aspect of London which I love exploring is the food scene. It is a hub of amazing cafes, restaurants and bistros which serve up the most delicious, varied and unique food. It can be quite overwhelming though, especially if you’re fresh into the city, so to make it easy I have picked out some of my top foodie experiences in London!

The Markets

London has an abundance of markets. There is one for everyone! The most famous for food is Borough Market which is crammed full of goodies from homemade granola to rare cheese and everything in between; as well as fresh food stands where you can grab a quick lunch. I also recommend checking out the Southbank food market if you can. It is more focused on fresh food-to-go with lots of stalls serving up delicious specialist cuisines; my favourite being the Korean Burrito stand. However, most markets in London do have a strong food offering. Other favourites include Brixton, Camden and Spittlefield markets. These are more focused on traditional market stalls with an element of food thrown in, but you can find some delicious foodie gems.

Brick Lane

If you’re in East London then definitely head to Brick Lane to experience a more edgy side of the city. I recommend walking down the main road and popping your head into the side streets which is where some beautiful hidden graffiti can be found. There are also loads of unique cafes and restaurants to try out. If you’re feeling indulgent then I highly recommend you check out the Sloane brothers froyo shop which serves up epic tubs of food porn; and then pop into Dark Sugars Chocolate shop for some pricey but delicious chocolatey treats. Did someone say salted caramel truffles?!


Gingerline is a quite frankly epic immersive dining experience…but it’s hard to describe! Basically, on the day of the event you are texted the secret location you will be dining in that evening. Once there you are sworn to secrecy about what you see and do, but lets just say it involves being thrown head first into a storyline. You eat your way through a banquet of delicious food while hilarious actors take you through a story at the same time. As the name suggests, it is certainly immersive and the guests get very involved in the show! I won’t say any more for fear of spoiling the surprise, but I highly recommend you book in for one of their shows. They often sell out months in advance, so act fast.

Tea & Coffee

If you’re a fan of a good cup of tea or high quality coffee, you are spoilt for choice in London. My favourite spot for unique teas is Amanzi Tea in Soho or Marylebone. This cafe serves up every flavour and variety under the sun; with my two favourites being the roasted almond tea and the chai matcha latte. When it comes to coffee, they most well known hot spots are Monmouth in Covent Garden and Ozone in Old Street; both of which I have experienced and enjoyed. I also recommend visiting the London Coffee Festival if you’re in town when it is happening. It is absolute heaven for any coffee or tea lover!

Doughnuts & Cookies

Yep I am a health and fitness blogger, but I am also a lover of food… including the less nutritious stuff. So, if you’re fancying something a little indulgent then I have you covered. If you want a warm cookie which is still gooey in the centre and packed full of flavour, then head to Ben’s Cookies. I recommend the white chocolate macadamia cookie, you won’t be disappointed. As for doughnuts, Crosstown Doughnuts have an EPIC salted caramel and banana cream creation and Dum Dum Doughnuts serve up an awesome nutella filled treat. Dum Dum Doughnuts also specialise in cronuts aka a croissant crossed with a doughnut… genius! The result is a satisfying crunchy and creamy creation packed full of yumminess. Go on, you’ve earned it!

I hope that this post is useful whether you’re a London resident yourself or a visitor. Let me know your favourite foodie spots in the comments below as I am always looking to try something new!

Zanna x

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