7 Tips For A Healthy Christmas

Stay Active

On the days surrounding Chrirtmas, try and get in a few cheeky workouts to put those mince pies to good use. Be aware that gyms often close or have limited opening hours at this time of year. If you can’t get there, then try at home workouts (there are loads on pinterest) or going for a run. I don’t think it is necessary to train on Christmas day itself, but I do recommend going for a post-dinner walk. This provides great quality time to chat to your family and friends, and also helps to settle your stomach and get you out in the fresh air.

Start The Day Right

I personally tend to eat the chocolate out of my stocking for breakfast… which isn’t ideal! Surely a Terry’s chocolate orange counts as a serving of fruit though?! Instead, I recommend that you try and get in a nourishing and balanced breakfast which includes a range of micronutrients which you may miss later in the day. I personally love smoked salmon and eggs or an omelette packed full of veggies.

Be Mindful

During the festive season, it is easy to shovel in all the yummy food surrounding us without having a second thought. Cakes, bakes, biscuits and wine are thrust upon us from all angles, and it can be hard to resist. I don’t recommend completely refusing these treats, they are part of Christmas after all. However, I do recommend that you eat them mindfully. This means that before you accept that 3rd mince pie think to yourself “do I want to eat this, or am I just eating it because it is there?”. The chances are, you’re not even hungry any more!

Get Involved

Offer to make the snacks or desserts on Christmas day. This means that you know that at least some of the food you’re chowing down on is nutritious! You can easily substitute old favourites for new healthy recipes, and no one will bat an eyelid. For snacks, I recommend veggie sticks and dip or homemade energy balls (recipes here). For dessert, try some of my secretly healthy brownies recipes!

The Dinner

Let’s talk about the dinner itself. This is where the food coma commences. I always recommend loading up on the lean protein and veggies first, to ensure you get in your protein and vitamins. Then you can add the other elements such as roast potatoes, stuffing and gravy. Don’t deprive yourself of these things, but try to exercise portion control by having 3 roasties instead of 10.

Alcohol Control

Christmas is typically a boozy occasion. I’m talking white wine, mulled wine, all the wine. I am not going to suggest that you don’t drink, it’s Christmas! Just make sure that you get your water in and try to alternate every drink with a glass of good old H2O. It is also wise to avoid getting absolutely steaming, as it can lead to you making poor food choices and consuming thousands of calories from alcohol. However, if you do decide to get a bit tipsy then pop a big glass of water next to your bed and drink it before you go to sleep to reduce dehydration headaches.


My final tip and the most important of all is to relax. Christmas day is one day out of the year, and the food you eat is not going to massively impact your long term progress. It is what you do the other 364 days that matters. So sit back, relax, eat half box of celebrations and have one too many glasses of wine. This is a time to enjoy good food with great company, and make lasting memories. Don’t let your healthy lifestyle stop you from enjoying yourself!

Merry Christmas!

Zanna xxx

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