What To Buy A Fitness Freak: Christmas Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again, when we start splashing the cash on our loved ones and are often left wondering what on earth to get them. Well, if your friend, family member or partner is a fitness freak then this guide will help to answer that question. I have included a range of items from luxury to budget, so there is something for everyone!

Fitness Tech

More and more fitness related technology is emerging on the market and there now seems to be a gadget for almost everything. A fitness tracker is a good choice and there are many different ones to choose from depending on each individuals training style. I recommend Garmin trackers for runners/triathletes or those that like to train outdoors and map their routes. A more affordable option is the Misfit Shine which simply tracks your steps and helps to motivate you to get moving.

Headphones are another tech option which will go down a treat. You can go for more stylish sets like the Jabra Revo or Move wireless headphones, or more practical ones like the Yurbuds earplugs which I can guarantee won’t fall out when you’re running. I personally use Happy Plugs, which are small, portable, good quality and affordable. Plus they come in rose gold!


This is an obvious one. Take note of their favourite brands and have a browse. If you really want to treat someone, I highly recommend forking out for a piece of luxury activewear. Hey Jo leggings are my personal favourite due to their silky soft material and high quality gold zip detailing. Charli Cohen is another amazing brand for staple sportswear. If you’re on a budget then try Active in Style for unique pieces at a range of price points.


Leading on from activewear, trainers are a guaranteed winner – but make sure you know their size or get a gift receipt just in case. Different brands have different selling points. Nike and Adidas have styles for any sport or activity, as well as fashion trainers for daily wear. You can’t go wrong with a pair of Air Max’s (my secret addiction… 7 pairs and counting!). Trainers are now acceptable to wear in day to day life, so make sure the pair you choose are stylish as well as practical. My current lust list includes the Saucony Triumph Iso2’s and the Asics Gel-attract 4’s – both of which are great for impact work like running, as well as wearing to brunch.


Fitness freaks tend to also be into food, big time. And to be honest… isn’t everyone a foodie?! A great idea on a budget is to get a stocking and fill it with all their favourite foodie treats. I personally recommend chucking in a few of their favourite flavour quest bars, favourite chocolate bars, some sachets of nut butter, and maybe even some samples of different protein powders.  Food can be made personal too, like the ‘Zanna’s coffee blend’ in the photos above. This is from Hope and Glory, and a great option for those who are coffee lovers like me. If they are an instagram addict, you can’t go wrong with some cute crockery for them to use for their food pictures. I personally would love to receive cute plates for me to put my pancakes on or bowls to put my yoghurt in. Call me sad, but a pretty picture make me happy!

Kitchen Tools

The ultimate fitness gift is the Nutri-Bullet. I am obsessed with mine and I think most people who have one are to! You can use them for everything  from making humous to iced coffees or smoothies. They are super practical and easy to use. However, if that is too much of a stretch for your wallet… get a waffle maker!!! I know what you’re thinking.. ‘that’s so random, who even makes waffles?!’. Trust me, when you have a waffle maker. You will make waffles. All. The. Time. And before you say they aren’t healthy – there are a million and one healthy waffle recipes. If you want an easy solution, then try using the Protein Pow whey cooking mix.

Food Storage

Yes, I just said food storage. I know it doesn’t sound like an exciting Christmas present but for a fitness freak it is! I highly recommend Paperchase for cute tupperwear adorned with pretty patterns and featuring mini forks (adorable!). Water bottles are always a winner too. I recommend buying a large (ideally 1 litre) bottle which is BPA free (i.e.free from nasty chemicals). My current favourites are Chilly’s and BKR.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Zanna xx

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