Veganuary: My Top Plant Based Cookbooks

Veganuary is upon us. To get you through this month of plant based goodness here are my personal favourite vegan cookbook recommendations. Enjoy!

The Doctors Kitchen

If you follow my instagram stories then you know how much of a fan I am of the Doctors Kitchen recipe book. It is probably my most used! About 85% of the recipes are vegan and they all super simple, easy and flavourful. I love the fact Rupy has drawn on his heritage and included some delicious authentic Indian meals. Don’t miss the sweetcorn chickpea curry!

The Happy Pear

I am obsessed with these two bubbly Irish lads. I have all of their cookbooks and am a huge advocate of their recipes which are simple, wholesome and include recreations of your favourite “non-vegan” meals. T They also have a fab youtube channel where they share even more recipes, check it out!

Keep It Vegan 

This cheap 100% vegan cookbook is the most popular on the market and it is easy to see why. The recipes are super simple and real people pleasers, great if you’re easing into veganism and don’t want go down the super fancy health food route straight away. Instead of focusing on kale and quinoa, this book shows you how to make vegan takes of classic meaty meals.

Thug Kitchen

This humorous book encourages you to “eat like you give a f**k” and is one of my favourites. They manage to use their banter to encourage everyone to tuck into nutrient dense vegan meals, making it accessible and relatable for all. They not only have super powered salads but more indulgent meals like “beer & lime cauliflower tacos”. Yes please!

Oh She Glows 

This book is perfect if you’re looking for a wholesome vegan cookbook, focusing on nutritious and delicious meals which not only pack a flavour punch, but are crammed full of nutrients. I actually have all of the Oh She glows cookbooks as I think they’re great. Don’t be put off by the length of some of the ingredient lists, they’re often store cupboard ingredients and the actual creation process is quick to pull together!

15 Minute Vegan

A great book for if you’re short on time and ingredients, as everything is simple and uses items you could pick up from the local supermarket. With over 100 recipes, you’re spoilt for choice. Give the breakfast burritos a try!

Happy cooking,

Zanna xx

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