3 Activewear Essential Every Woman Needs

I get asked on a daily basis where I source my gym kit from and I totally understand why. What you train in is pretty damn important. It needs to not only perform well and flatter your body shape but make you feel both confident and comfortable.

Just a cheeky disclaimer, I am an adidas global ambassador and have been for around 18 months now. I only ever wear adidas kit because quite honestly it is my favourite. As a brand they are leading the way in the fight against ocean plastic, they produce everything I want and need, and yes they cater for tall girls too!

Right, here are the three kit essentials I think every woman needs to feel their best when

they workout:

A Good Sports Bra

Our lady lumps can be thrown around a bit when we train so a supportive sports bra is a must. This prevents any chest pain or discomfort when you workout, so you can focus on  moving your body. I personally feel my most secure when I wear a high necked halter bra like this or a bra from the “stronger for it” range like this.

High Waisted Leggings

Nothing is worse than leggings which slide down during your workout or when you’re running. I love leggings with a nice high waist band which is relatively thick so it feels secure when I train. My all time favourite adidas leggings are the Alpha Skin full lengths, the Warp Knit leggings and the Ultimate High Rise tights. Both are suitable for ladies over 6 foot!

The Right Trainers

It goes without saying that your trainers are one of the most important items when it comes to working out. They support you from the ground up and can help or hinder your performance. It is actually best to go to an in-store gait analysis if you can so they can recommend the best shoe for you. However, my personal preference is the Solar Boost trainers. I wear them every day because they’re so versatile. They are the most supportive running trainer I have worn, yet they also perform well in HIIT classes, weights sessions and just worn in day to day life. I am low key obsessed with them.

Happy sweating!


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