Three 15 Minute AMRAP At Home Workouts

I am currently obsessed with AMRAP workouts. They’re short, sweet, effective and can be done with little to no equipment; perfect for when you’re travelling or short of time.

What does AMRAP stand for?

As Many Rounds As Possible. That means, trying to complete a set circuit as many times as you can within a certain time frame. This is a useful workout structure as you can repeat the circuit again in a few weeks time and see if you can beat your previous record. A great way to track your progress and fitness levels.

Here are three of my favourite 15 minute AMRAP circuits. Set your timer and prepare the sweat.

The Upper Body Burner

5 Walkouts

10 Push Ups

20 Plank Shoulder Taps

30 Mountain Climbers

40 Skips
(no need for a rope, use an imaginary one!)

The Cardio & Abs Blast

50 jumping jacks

40 mountain climbers

30 second plank hold

10 plank jacks

5 burpees

The Leg Sculptor

21 squats

15 hip thrusts

9 jumping lunges (each leg)

As you can see, the workouts are super simple. All you need is yourself, a timer,and some motivation. Push yourself as hard as you can and be sure to count your rounds and reps. Then try to beat yourself next time!

Zanna x

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