Life Update: Fitness, Business & Travel

It feels like its been a while since I had a good catch up with you guys about what is going on with me. It’s about time I gave you a life update!


I’m currently attempting to get in cracking shape for the photoshoots for my book which are taking place in early August. I document my training and nutrition on my youtube channel but for those of you who aren’t subscribed here are the basics. I am weight training around 4 times a week focusing on hypertrophy with two lower body days and two upper body days. I am also doing two cardio sessions a week for enjoyment which can be anything from running to boxing or an F45 class. I’m not tracking macros but I am controlling my portion sizes and trying to reduce my slightly ridiculous nut butter consumption!


My current focus is writing my book The Balanced Body. I am spending a few days a week working on it and let me tell you it is one hell of a challenge. I am also working on my activewear collection, lots of exciting projects with brands, organising and hosting #girlgains events, speaking and doing talks, writing articles, blogging, vlogging …and of course personal training my amazing clients! I am sure there are a few more things I am forgetting too, I lose track. It is quite tough to juggle these things at the moment but I am just staying focused as I know eventually it will get calmer, especially once I have finished my book. One thing that has helped massively is that I recently signed with Independent Talent so have an amazing guy called Tom who helps with some of my business. Oh and I got an accountant, which I highly recommend for anyone who is self employed and clueless about finances. It’s a game changer and a huge stress reliever.


As I am sure you have seen from my soppy cringe-y pictures on instagram, I am pretty loved up. Don’t judge me! Ant has helped massively to restore some kind of balance to my life. I don’t work late every single night anymore and sometimes I even take days off; which is a pretty huge step for me. Of course I am spending lots of time with my London girls Tally, Naomi and Lucie too. My secret to maintaining some kind of social life is to hit two birds with one stone and train with my friends! The only thing I am missing is quality family time as I struggle to get out of the city and my parent live ages away up in good old Yorkshire. We even had to cancel a family holiday as it was right before my book deadline. However, once I have finished writing it I have promised myself that I am going to be up in Yorkshire on a more regular basis chilling out on the farm.


I just came back from Sierra Leone, which was a life changing experience you can read more about here. I have a whole host of awesome trips planned for the rest of this year which are for a mix of work and play. Next week I am heading to Crete and then in early July I am going to Australia to work out in Sydney. Other planned trips include personal training on a retreat in Bali and then travelling around Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia throughout October. Basically my final final book hand in is at the end of September so once that is done I am buggering off for a month to relax. I also won’t be able to travel for two months before or after the book release in December due to the work required around the launch; so I am trying to cram in as many adventures as possible before then and October is my last chance!

Now I have just been self-indulgent and spoken about myself for a while, tell me something about you. Please leave a comment below with an update on YOUR life! I want to hear about how you’re doing! Let me know if you like this style of blog post as I can do them every few months.

Lots of love,

Zanna x

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