How To Grow Your Instagram Account

Now, I am not saying I am an expert instagrammer. However, I do have a fair few of you guys following me on there and it is by far my biggest social media platform; and as a result it is the one I get asked about the most. So here you go, one of my most requested blog posts ever… my top tips for instagram success!

Post consistently. Throwing a picture online every few days just isn’t good enough. We like to consume regular content which is up to date and relevant. That being said, remember quality over quantity. Make sure your images are clear, bright and aesthetically pleasing. Posting more than three times a day can get grating for your followers. I like to stick to once or twice.

Identify Your USP
USP stands for unique selling point. Take some time to reflect on your profile and content. What do you want to portray? Why would someone follow you? What would a follower gain from following you? What content do you enjoy creating? Try and find your niche and your brand.

Open Up
As consumers of social media, we love to connect more personally with those we follow. We love insights into their lives, their personalities and who they really are. I find that when someone opens up on social media, I immediately feel more more invested in them and less likely to unfollow them. Now I don’t recommend spilling your life story, but don’t be a closed book. This point can be applied to both brands and individuals. As a brand you can show behind the scenes sneak peaks and previews. As an individual you can share insights into your daily life, job or practically anything really. Just share what you’re comfortable with.

An engaged audience is a valuable audience. Try to interact with your followers by striking up conversations in the comments and replying to any questions. Also, don’t be afraid to engage with other people and brands in the same boat. Like their pictures, leave comments and follow them. You might even strike up a friendship which could lead to exciting projects and collaborations down the line. On a similar note, listen to your audience. Did they really enjoy that workout video you posted? If so, make more!

Consumers use hashtags as a way to find new people and brands to follow in areas that interest them. So don’t be afraid to pop a few on the end of your posts. Just try and keep them relevant. The easiest way to find appropriate hashtags to add to your content is to follow other people in your field and see which ones they’re using.

Smart Posting
Try out an online instagram analytics system such as Minter. They give valuable insights into your audience demographics as well as engagement levels – including the times when you get the best interaction. Combine this knowledge with tried and tested methods; for example it is well known that evenings (around 6-8pm) is a great time it post as many people are online. Use these ‘peak time windows’ to your advantage.

I hope that these top tips helped, let me know your social media secrets down in the comments below.

Zanna xxx

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