10 Hacks To Make Healthy Living Easy

Living a healthy lifestyle is often labelled as challenging and inconvenient, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Once you get into a routine, learn the ropes and adopt healthy habits it becomes second nature. Want a fast track to living a nourishing, sustainable and balanced lifestyle with ease? Hopefully, these tips, tricks and healthy living hacks can help you out!

1. Freeze Bananas.

Your smoothies will never be the same again once you start adding frozen bananas. It turns them into a thick ice cream consistency! Just peel, chop into pieces and freeze then add into your morning shake.

2. Get A Measurable Water Bottle.

Want to stay hydrated? Get a water bottle which is 500ml, 750ml or even 1 litre. Then you can track throughout the day how much water you have been drinking. I personally like to use a large bottle so I have to refill less times!

3. Socialise While Training.

This is one of my favourite hacks. If you’re busy like me it can be tough to find time to see your friends. So I often try and kill two birds with one stone by meeting my friends at the gym or offering to go to a new class together. Then we can grab coffee beforehand or dinner afterwards, to get in a good catch up too.

4. Variety Is Key.

Us humans are creatures of habit, we like to eat the same foods over and over again. Sadly this can lead to nutrient deficiencies so we need to mix up what we eat. To do this, when I eat out I always try and pick something I wouldn’t cook at home, to access a wider range of vitamins and minerals. I also pick up different veggies when they are in season and challenge myself to add them to my evening meal. This supports local farmers while letting me get new nutrients.

5. Get Nippy.

If you have a morning shower, try adding on a 15-second cold water blast at the end. It is a great way to get yourself out your comfort zone and has many benefits including increased energy, improved circulation, boosted immunity and even softer hair!

6. Remember Your Supplements.

Especially if you’re eating a plant-based diet. I do this by putting mine in clear view next to my laptop, so I see them when I sit down to work.

7. Sneaky Greens.

If you struggled to get in your portions of leafy greens each day, a great way to sneak them into your diet is through smoothies. I always add a handful of spinach or kale to my smoothies to give them a nutrient kick. I promise you can’t taste them!

8. You Eat What You See.

I am definitely guilty of eating whatever is in sight when I am hungry. So, I try and ensure I have healthy snacks easily accessible. Having fresh fruit on my worktop and jars full of trail mix or nuts helps me pick something healthy. I also place my chocolate stash on the top shelf, so I have to put in the effort to find it and it isn’t the first thing I see when I walk into the kitchen.

9. Make A Motivation List.

It can be easy for motivation to waiver on a day to day basis. To combat this I have a note on my phone which I use when I am making excuses to not workout. It includes a list of all the reasons I love training and reasons I want to train, such as “I feel like superwoman afterwards” and “I want to get fitter and stronger which requires consistency”. Reading about my “why” when I am feeling low in motivation can really give me a kick up the butt.

10. Eat Dessert With A Teaspoon.

This is my favourite healthy hack of all! I bloody love dessert but I tend to hoover it up in about 2 minutes! So to allow me to slow down and enjoy my dessert, making it last longer and supporting my digestion, I eat it with a teaspoon. Trust me, its a game changer.

Let me know if you have any hacks you use to make healthy living easier!

Zanna xx