Going Solo: Why You Should Go To A Female Fitness Event

Unless you’re hiding under a rock, I am certain that you have seen the rise of female fitness events across social media over the course of the past few years. I am well experienced in this area; co-owning the #girlgains events company with my besties for over two years, as well as hosting my own series of solo events.Recently I teamed up with Bumble BFF to host the ‘Making Gains with Your Girl Gang’ event at UN1T gym in Fulham. It was an awesome night which brought together like minded women and enabled them to connect with one another. This is something both myself and Bumble BFF are super passionate about; empowering women to take making friendships into their own hands to meet others and spread positivity. Our evening consisted of a sweaty HIIT workout, delicious treats from Fresh Fitness Food, a Q&A and tonnes of mingle time. As someone who has genuinely used the Bumble BFF app in the past to meet new friends, it was a partnership I was extremely excited to be involved in.If you have ever seen a female fitness event advertised across social media and been hesitant to attend, I wanted to share three reasons why you should pluck up the courage to go solo! 

1) You get new and unique experiences. These events are often based around doing something pretty damn cool. Whether thats trying a new gym class, being put through an educational workshop, or going for a delicious meal. It is easy to get pulled into your own little routine and avoid trying new things, but it is when we do this that we learn and grow the most. Plus you never know, you could find your new favourite workout or brunch spot!

2) You get to meet like minded women. This is the best bit! These events are packed full of women just like you. Open minded, kind hearted women who want to try new things, meet new people and share their passions. I know how hard it can be when your friends don’t ‘get’ your fitness lifestyle. These events are the perfect chance to meet other women who want to stay fit, eat well and look after their bodies. They are the perfect companions to recruit as gym buddies or explore the local fitness scene with!

3) You grow. Going to a fitness event on your own is a scary concept and it can certainly push you out of your comfort zone. You will be forced to speak to strangers and make conversation. Which is an amazing thing. Just remember that everyone else is there for the same reason, to meet someone just like you. So make the first move and get chatting. By pushing yourself to talk to new people you will grow. You will become more confident in social situations and develop as a person. Soon enough, these fitness events which seemed so scary will just be fun! 

I want to emphasis going solo to these events. Of course, feel free to take a friend if you’re super nervous. However, I think that when you go alone, that is when you grow the most and also when you connect with the most people. When you attend with a friend it can be easy to stay in the comfort zone that is your friendship and not talk to others who are attending. Whereas, when you go alone you will be more open to meeting as many people as possible. This opens up endless possibilities and can lead to lasting friendships. 

So next time to see a female fitness event and you wonder whether to go, just do it. I promise you won’t regret it. Plus, If you’re already using the Bumble BFF platform, then meeting one of the girls you have connected with at a female fitness events or even just at a fitness class is a great idea. You can bond through sweat!

Zanna xx

Disclaimer: This blog post sponsored by Bumble BFF.

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