Bulgarian Split Squats: 3 Variations

If you have been following me for a while, you will know that Bulgarian split squats and I have a love hate relationship. They are simultaneously my least and most favourite exercise. Once you have mastered how to do a BSS (video here), you can mix them up in a whole host of different ways. Thanks to my coaches Adam and Alex, I have learned a multitude of new techniques to develop and utilise this simple move to really challenge my body (and my booty!). Here are my top 3 variations:

 Drop Sets

My personal training clients often fall victim to these booty burners. Do your first set with a heavy weight for around 8-10 reps (make sure you’re really struggling on those last few reps). Immediately drop the dumbbells and pick up a set that are around half the weight. Go straight into 10 more reps. If you’re a beginner, try dropping to bodyweight and doing 10 reps. Check out this video demonstration.

1/4 Rep Ladders

These are absolutely vile, but amazing. Choose a fairly light weight or even bodyweight if you’re new to split squats. Go down into your first rep and do one pulse at the bottom, then come up. On the second rep do two pulses at the bottom. On the third do three pulses, and so on. Aim for doing 8 reps total. There is a video of these on my instagram here.


These are great if you don’t have access to the gym or weights, and I included them in my park bench workout for that very reason. Basically, go down into a split squat and as you come up do so explosively and jump up into the air. As you land, smoothly lower straight down into the next rep. These really raise your heart rate and challenge your balance and core strength. If you want to take them up a notch, then try them with a TRX as seen here.

Let me know how you get on with these moves my tweetinginstagramming or snap chatting me!

Happy training,

Zanna xx

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