Guest Post: 8 Vegan and Veggie Places To Eat In Dublin

Since transitioning to a plant based diet I’ve had to re-think my social life and where I get my morning coffee. Thankfully Dublin is bang on trend and the place is teaming with healthy cafes and restaurants. For me food has to be beautiful, interesting as well as healthy and a place has to have a great atmosphere. These are my current favourites spots.

Urban Health
Urban Health is a little outside of the city centre in Ranelagh. As they are one of the main juice cleanse outlets in Dublin naturally their juices and smoothies are phenomenal. They also have lots of healthy vegan and gluten free treats, a salad bar and gorgeous hot options including one of the nicest veggie burgers I’ve ever had. Aside from food they have an array of supplements on sale as well as some of their own products to include an alcohol free natural deodorant that they make themselves. They practice what they preach here and it’s a wellness cocoon.
The Fumbally
The Fumbally is one of those incredible places where you feel transported upon stepping in. Food wise expect fresh baked breads and cakes, salads on platters, and if you eat eggs I believe their poached green eggs are phenomenal. Fermentation jars line the wall and lattes are made with homemade sunflower seed milk. The furniture is all recycled and dogs are welcome. They host yoga evenings also. The Fumbally isn’t just a venue, it genuinely is a community.
Blazing Salads
One of the first places to offer gluten-free was, and sadly still is, just takeaway. Blazing salads has one of the best salad bars around as well as daily vegan specials, gluten free pizza and lots of healthy treats. Their Miso soup is a daily offering and the nicest I have ever had. On sunny days there is a bench just outside where you can enjoy your food, otherwise there is a small standing area to eat. Saint Stephen’s Green park is a five minute walk away and an ideal picnic location also.
Umi Falafel
Umi Falafel is incredible value and also naturally the best falafel in town. Served with couscous, fresh hummus and pitta it’s vegan heaven. I also particularly love their mint teas which are all fresh and loose leaf. Falafel doesn’t get enough credit and often times it’s not a delicious as it could be. Here the freshness is the secret and the end result is so tasty it feels like a serious treat meal, but is genuinely healthy. The Bread is freshly baked and the salads, sauces and pickles are all made to a family recipe. The atmosphere is super cozy and unpretentious.

Sova Food Vegan Butcher
Sova is owned by Bart who is a phenomenal vegan chef. This is the most glamorous of all the places I am mentioning although it’s informal and reasonably priced. Do not come here expecting simple fare – raise your expectations and they will deliver. This is vegan food at it’s best and most beautiful. Presentation is key. Every time I go I learn about how incredible vegan food can be, whether it’s discovering a new sauce, or vegetarian protein source or elevating my standards on how good a dessert can be. The atmosphere is buzzy and this is an ideal evening or date spot.
Bookings can be made through Facebook and it’s BYOB also which is great for groups. They have even hosted a wedding party here.
Two Fifty Square
Of everywhere on the list here is the most kid friendly. On a Saturday morning you will see bleary eyed parents downing their excellent roasted on site coffee while kids freely play about. It’s full of bustle and activity and excellent food. Their avocado on toast is topped with something incredible that I’ve yet to figure out to recreate at home. That, and the positive vibe and friendly staff have me consistently returning here. Weekends are busy and there may be a bit of a wait but it’s worth it!
Sprout n’Co
There are quite a lot of made-to-order salad places but Sprout is a cut above. They have an array of cold pressed juices and almond mylks, Nutshed energy balls and salted caramel slices, amazing coffee and also the best ingredients for your salads. For some people lettuce is lettuce but when you eat a vegan diet you notice the quality and here it’s always crisp, fresh and delicious. There is an array of hot, cold, cooked and raw options to add to your salads, incredible guacamole and dressings. You can sit down in all of the locations although during lunch hour it can get very crowded. Queues can be long but staff are quick and your salad will be made in front of you in a matter of minutes.
Two Boys Brew
Nestled just outside of the City centre is somewhere well deserving of a mention on this list. Again it’s not strictly vegan but the staff and chefs are extremely accommodating. The menu is simple and satisfying. This is the perfect spot for a lazy brunch or one of those days where you can take your time and enjoy the atmosphere. As the name suggests coffee is a big deal here. They sell lots of highbrow fancy coffee making equipment and their own coffee is worth the journey alone.
They also sell Loving Earth chocolates which Australian vegans living in Dublin are delighted with!

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