3 Ways To Brighten Every Day

Happiness is an elusive thing that we all want to achieve. We often look to external forces to determine our happiness, but the key factor in lasting positivity is ourselves and our mindsets. Here are three top tips and tricks you can implement on a daily basis to make every day a little bit happier.

Give 2 Compliments A Day

One to someone else, one to yourself. When you give off positive vibes into the world, they come right back at you. If you think someones make up looks great or you like their jacket, tell them. This works even better if its a stranger, as you can really make their day. Not only do you boost them, but you boost yourself.

It is equally as important to compliment yourself. Now I am not going to be cheesy and say to stand in front of the mirror and name 3 things you love about yourself. But give yourself a chance, allow yourself to think “I nailed my eyeliner today” or “I did really well on my work assignment”. That is not arrogant. These little moments of self-appreciation help to make your day a little brighter and can support the development of long term self-confidence and self-love.


We are constantly attached to our phones and devices, often at the expense of our health, happiness and even our relationships. I am always shocked when I go on the tube or a bus and not a single person is looking up, everyone is staring down at some form of screen. I think it is super important to step back from technology at various points throughout the day and try to be present in the moment. For example:

  • In the morning, don’t roll over and immediately scroll though your phone. Get up, make a cup of coffee and start your day without checking in online.
  • If you see a beautiful sunset or a stunning view, don’t always take a photo. Instead, sit back and just take it in with your eyes and your mind. Enjoy it for yourself, not every moment needs to be shared.
  • Set aside half an hour (minimum!) a day which is technology free. This could be your commute to work, a walk in your lunch break or cooking dinner with your partner. Use this time to consciously observe and appreciate the world around you.
  • When you’re meeting someone for a drink, don’t have your phone out on the table. Nope, not even if it is face down. Leave it in your pocket and don’t get it out until you’ve finished. Give them your full attention.

I find that by checking in with myself throughout the day and disconnecting from technology, it allows me to be more present in each moment and as a result more aware and grateful of what is happening.

Do Daily Evening Reflections

Every night I sit back and take a minute to consciously reflect on my day. I firstly acknowledge one way I could improve, whether this was with my behaviour, my job or my relationships. Then I identify three positive moments or things about my day. This can be anything from receiving an exciting email to having great banter with a bus driver. It is just important to take a moment to acknowledge these little things which made you happy. It really helps to ether write these down to say them out loud. And yes, you need to do these reflections on bad days too. That is when they are most valuable.

Try implementing these three steps into your daily routine and I promise you will be feeling more positive before you know it!

Zanna xx

Photo: Jon Payne

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