My 2019 Goals

I know, I know, I am a bit slow on the uptake here. We are already a week into 2019 and I am only just sharing my goals, but there is a good reason for this. I didn’t rush into setting my intentions for the year ahead, I took my time and really sat with thoughts; coming to a firm conclusion on what I want to achieve. It feels slightly scary putting these ideas out into the world but who better to keep me accountable than you guys?


I have decided that 2019 is going to be my year of human connection. In 2018 I had bouts of loneliness and I would rather not experience those again. In 2019 I am going to make an effort to bring more positive people into my life and give time to people who lift me up. It feels a little silly as an adult saying “I want to make new friends” but lets be honest, I do. I want to prioritise the people I already know and love (namely my family, boyfriend and close friends), and also bring new positive people into my life.

Theres a few ways I am planning on doing this:

  • I want to call my parents 3 times a week and see them every month or every 6 weeks.
  • I want to be present with my boyfriend every evening and take the time to reflect on our days together.
  • I want to consciously put good vibes out into the world, whether thats giving a stranger a compliment, starting conversations with new people or leaving nice comments on others instagram posts. I want to spread good vibes, and hopefully they will come back to me. 

Green Space & Daily Walks

In late 2018 I started taking daily walks to my local park. The impact these walks had on my headspace were noticeable and as a result I made it a habit to go for a walk every day. I want to try to continue with this habit into 2019. Perhaps I wont be able to walk around the park every day, but maybe I can walk 20 minutes between my meetings or 15 minutes to a coffee shop on my way to work. Any walk in outdoor space gives me a sense of clarity and peace.

Take Nutrition Seriously

If I am honest, I kind of threw myself into a plant based lifestyle without researching how to do it in a healthy and sustainable way. I just focused on eating whole foods and hoped for the best. I have come to realise that I am most likely going to eat this way for the rest of my life, so I should probably try and inform myself about how to do it properly. In 2019 I want to learn more about how to eat plant based for the long term, what foods I need to focus on consuming, what supplements I may need and how to increase diversity and nutrient density in my diet. I will of course share this journey with you.

My Relationship With Technology 

In 2018 I managed to regulate my relationship with technology pretty well. I turned off all my push notifications, a game changer for my stress levels and I downloaded an app called Moment which tells me how much screen time I have had; and provides me with motivation to put down my phone. However, even if I only go on my phone for an hour a day, I still view my phone as work for that hour. My job relies on using social media, responding to messages and being online in general; there is still room for improvement.

In 2019 I want to get better at:

  • Closing my laptop at night instead of working late into the evening.
  • Having days offline every so often, whether thats one day month or one weekend every 6-8 weeks. 
  • Having one extended digital detox per year, in 2019 this will happen in August/September for 2 weeks when I live on a boat in the Galapagos.

So, those are my goals for 2019.

I find it interesting reflecting on how my goals have changed over the years as my mindset has evolved to where it is today. They used to be purely fitness, health and business related, but now they are more focused on overall wellbeing then ever before. Of course I do have business goals, but I know that success in my industry won’t necessarily bring me the happiness that things like a supportive community and regular green space will. 

Wish me luck,

Zanna x

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