My 30 Before 30: Goals, Dreams & Aspirations

As I creep towards my 27th birthday this summer, I have been thinking about what I want to achieve in the next four years. I recently came across the concept of 30 before 30 and I love it. So here are the 30 things I want to achieve before my 30th birthday. This is obviously a filtered list as there are a few things which can’t go on the internet, but I still hope they inspire you to set your own 30 before 30 goals!

  1. Meet David Attenborough, my hero. 
  2. Skydive.
  3. Write a vegan cookbook.
  4. Live more minimally.
  5. Go on another epic road trip.
  6. Go on another solo travel trip.
  7. Have Stay Wild Swim be a roaring success and turning a profit. 
  8. Employ a team – for myself and for Stay Wild Swim.
  9. Be an ambassador for an incredible environmental charity.
  10. Play a part in a game changing environmental policy e.g. surrounding plastic pollution.
  11. Climb a legit mountain.
  12. Start saving for retirement, organise my finances, invest, understand taxes and VAT. I am finally getting there on this one!
  13. Skinny dip everywhere I go (which has ocean access).
  14. Build back up my pull up strength. 
  15. Be able to comfortably run 10km.
  16. Photograph 31 sunsets in a month.
  17. Hold a handstand for 10 seconds. 
  18. Visit 50 countries total (at the time of writing I am on 46!).
  19. Visit the Galapagos Islands.
  20. Scuba dive with whale sharks and manta rays again.
  21. Go on a Sea Shepherd expedition.
  22. Get my hip tattoo removed. 
  23. Get my nipples re-pierced (they kept me young!).
  24. Treat my parents to a holiday/adventure together.
  25. Move into our next home.
  26. Learn how to properly use my camera, edit photos and videos.
  27. Do more cooking courses e.g. bread making.
  28. Go on a retreat where I am not the trainer, fully relax and switch off.
  29. Be on another magazine cover.
  30. Have my family around to my house for Christmas. 

I challenge you to jot down your own 30 before 30.

Zanna xx