6 Steps To Clean Out Your Closet

If there’s one silver lining to come from this whole situation it’s that many of us are finally taking on those jobs we always meant to do but didn’t quite get to. And one of the most satisfying tasks we’re tackling? Cleaning out our wardrobes.

I am a seasoned pro at sorting through my clothing and have done numerous clear outs throughout the years. My experience, with the additional edge of watching a whole series on Marie Kondo in 2019, means I feel comfortable sharing some tips and tricks to help you have the best experience when you delve into your drawers. Let’s do this.

Step 1: Set Aside Time. 

This isn’t a 30 minute job, it can take a full day! So pop it in the diary, have a coffee and fuel up for a big day of organisation!

Step 2: Get Everything Out. 

Yep, pull everything out your drawers and wardrobe and make a massive pile in the middle of the room – the true meaning of a floordrobe! Warning: this can be a little overwhelming!

Step 3: Deep Clean. 

This is a rare opportunity to give your cupboards a good clean. Get the hoover involved, dust the shelves and wipe down the walls. This will also help to combat any sneaky clothes moths who might have set up camp.

Step 4: Sort Through Your Stash.

It’s time to make some tough decisions. I encourage you to be a little ruthless and organise your clothing into these piles:

  1. Love. The items you use regularly, love and are definitely keeping. I like to put these straight back into my drawers and wardrobe to clear floor space.
  2. Maybe. The items you want to keep but you aren’t 100% certain about.
  3. Nope. The items you are willing to let go of and which are still useable.
  4. Double Nope. The items you are willing to let go if, but which cannot be passed on to someone else (e.g. underwear).

Step 5: Organise The Piles.

  • Firstly, pop the love items back in the closet. Organise them as you go, such as by colour, style or season – whatever works for you. Personally I organise by style & colour. I also recommend getting some drawer separators to help with this step. 
  • Next up go through the maybe pile and organise it into further love and nope piles, popping the love items back into your closet.
  • Now to handle the nope piles. I recommend sorting through these and further seperating them into items you can pass onto friends, items you can sell online, items you can repurpose (for example turning them into cleaning rags), items you can donate and finally items you can recycle. Try to ensure nothing goes to landfill.

Step 6: Maintenance

It is important to try and maintain your new, improved and organised closet. The main principle I utilise is a “one in one out” principle. This means that I really think long and hard before I purchase anything as I don’t want to lose an item from my wardrobe. I also recommend trying to purchase less items in general to avoid the build-up of clutter and instead “shopping your wardrobe” – digging out lesser worn items to freshen up your outfits. And finally, if things do get a little out of hand then there’s no shame in doing regular small clear outs to stay on top of your closet organisation!

Good luck!

Zanna x