2024 Albania Hiking Adventure

A curated hiking adventure by Zanna

9 Days / 8 Nights

12-20th July 2024

£1900 (excluding flights)


This trip is now sold out, but places sometimes become available. To be added to the waitlist you can email using the button below or call Intrepid Travel on 0203 308 9763.

A bespoke hiking itinerary created by Zanna for 15 like-minded adventurers who want to explore Albania.

Tour Highlights

  • Explore Albania’s rugged mountains and lakes in the north, as well as the beautiful southern coast in one incredible trip.
  • Kayak through one of Albania’s most amazing hidden gems: Lumi i Shales, known for its turquoise blue waters surrounded by mountains.
  • Visit the Skhoder region in northern Albania and hike over a stunning mountain pass from Theth to Valbona.
  • Hike through breathtaking scenery in the Albanian Alps, Llogara National Park, and along Dhermi’s coastline.
  • Visit the historical village of Gjirokastër to see the famous Blue Eye Spring and Gjirokastër Castle overlooking the city.
  • Swim in the Ionian Sea and relax in the beautiful coastal town of Dhermi.

Albania is one of the most underrated countries in Europe, but people are slowly starting to catch on to how stunning it truly is. Which is exactly why I wanted to plan this trip! There are some incredible hikes and beautiful mountain ranges to explore that I haven’t made it to, until now. Albania is still such a hidden gem of a destination away from the usual summer crowds, so let’s discover it before everyone else descends on its shores! This itinerary has been a labour or love to put together, and I’ve made sure we’ve got the right balance of adventurous activities, challenging hikes and chilled, relaxation time. When we’re not in the mountains, we’ll be swimming in the sea, dipping in the lakes and kayaking down the rivers – it is summer in Europe after all!

We’ll start the adventure off in Tirana, Albania’s vibrant and colourful capital. We’ll kick things off with a welcome meeting to get to know each other and meet our guide for the first time. If you arrive early, there’s loads to explore in the city, from the Ottoman architecture to the charming cafes that line the public squares. In the evening we have a welcome dinner for those who want to bond a little more and sample some Albanian cuisine before the real adventure begins on day two.

On our first full day, we’ll leave the city behind to venture to Albania’s stunning mountains and lakes. We’ll head alone scenic roads to Skhoder, with a brief stop in the town, in the north west of the country. After settling in to the mountain town of Theth, we’ll start our first hike through the region to the Theth Waterfall, taking in picturesque terrain, and stunning views of the waterfall.

On day three, we’ll embark on an exciting hike from Theth to Valbona. Now this one is a fairly challenging hike (around 6.5 hours and 14km) so you will need to be prepared to take on long distances across rugged, uneven terrain. This route will take us on a journey through the lush landscapes surrounding one of Albania’s national parks and it promises breathtaking views of the Albanian wilderness.

I’m really excited about day four! We’ll be heading to Komani Lake where a boat will take us to the Shala River (also known as Lumi i Shales) to get to our next guesthouse. Visiting Lumi i Shales was top of my Albania bucket list and is often called the “Thailand of Albania” thanks to its clear turquoise blue waters surrounded by the mountains. As we travel by boat, we’ll see the remarkable canyons that surround the river and then have time to check in, get comfortable and enjoy the guesthouse’s private beach. This is where it gets really fun. We’ll get to enjoy a day of kayaking and other water activities in this incredible river. Literally the dream day!

On day five, fully recharged after a day at the beach and on the river, we’ll head out on a scenic hike to the village of Molla e Shoshit, surrounded by the incredible Albanian landscape. We’ll explore the village before journeying back to Tirana to stock up on necessities for the second part of our adventure.

Now it’s time to travel further south and down to the coastal paradise of Dhermi, on the Albanian Riviera. It’s a beautiful village set in the mountains and filled with white-washed houses and blue-domed churches. Once we arrive we’ll be back on the hiking trails and this time we’re in Llogara National Park, one of the absolute must-see places in Dhermi and Albania thanks to its incredible mountain views.

After easing ourselves in for the Llogara hike, we’re ramping things up for day seven with another challenging hike in Dhermi. We’ll pass by some breathtaking viewpoints overlooking the sea and the Dhermi’s mesmerizing Gjipe Canyon – the perfect contrast of Albania’s coastline and rugged mountain terrain. Over 16km we’ll experience even more of the natural beauty Albania has to offer while tackling the challenges that come with navigating it’s untamed landscape.

On day eight, we’ll leave the coastal town of Dhermi and make our way to the historical gem of Gjirokastër. In Gjirokastër, a local guide will accompany us to show us the sights and teach us about the town’s rich history and culture. As part of our tour, we’ll visit the Blue Eye Spring, known for its bright blue water, where we’ll head off on an short hike. After this we’ll visit the Gjirokastër Castle which overlooks the city, before heading back to Tirana for our final night.

On our last morning, we’ll meet for breakfast, and no doubt look back on what an amazing nine days it has been.

The full 9-day itinerary for the Albanian adventure is available to download below. It includes essential day by day trip information as well as packing lists, medical notes and other helpful guidance.


This trip is now sold out, but places sometimes become available. To be added to the waiting list you can email using the button below or call Intrepid Travel on 0203 308 9763.

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