Why You Need To Visit The Blue Mountains, Australia

It astounds me how many people visit the buzzing city of Sydney, but fail to explore the near by serene Blue Mountains. Myself included. I came to Sydney a year ago and never managed to squeeze in a trip to them, as I told myself they were too far away. How wrong I was! The Blue Mountains are extremely accessible. They are a 1-2 hour drive from central Sydney and are packed full of activities and attractions, meaning you could easily spend a day or a week there. If I haven’t already convinced you, here are are my top reasons you need to visit this stunning Australian National Park:

It’s Vast

The Blue Mountains are larger than Switzerland. SWITZERLAND! With over 4000 square miles of rainforest, mountains, canyons, caves and waterfalls, as well as 87 miles of walking tracks; you have a lot to explore!

It’s Active

You can very easily stay active during your time in the Blue Mountains. There are whole host of bushwalking trails you can follow, which can be explored alone or with a local guide. Treks in the area range from the 1 mile Princes Rock Walk to Wentworth Falls all the way through to the three day Six Foot Track, which sounds absolutely incredible! I went with the help of a guide from Colourful Trips – he absolutely made my day. His enthusiasm was infectious and his knowledge was next level. Plus he has been through traditional training, so was able to give us an insight into the aboriginal way of life in the mountains and tell us tonnes of insightful stories.

The Views

The mountains are scattered with incredible view points, and the scenery is honestly breathtaking. It feels like you’re inside a postcard, it is so beautiful it’s hard to comprehend! The oil from the eucalyptus trees leads to a blue haze which hangs over the mountains, hence the name, which gives them a unique and stunning appearance which a photograph just can’t capture. You need to see it with your eyes.

It is useful to note that the view points can get busy, so ask to be taken to the main ones early in the morning, such as the famous Three Sisters. Then you can visit quieter ones, like the lesser known but equally as stunning Sublime Point, later in the day.

The Flexibility

As I said, the mountains are so easily accessible from Sydney. If you’re short on time, you can easily do a day trip from the city and take in the key view points and even squeeze in a short hike. If you have the option though, I highly recommend spending a couple of days there and really embracing the relaxed rainforest lifestyle.

The Caves

The Blue Mountains are home to the famous Jenolan Caves. These 11 accessible caves are home to undergoing rivers and beautiful formations. Take a guided day tour, an evening ghost tour, or head to the monthly cave concert with natural acoustics. Mind blowing.

I honestly loved The Blue mountains and would return in a heartbeat. I would love to explore them even further, especially on foot! You can see a vlog from my time here and can find out more information about accommodation and activities on the Tourism Australia website.

Zanna x

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