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My book is jam-packed with easy-to-digest information and practical tips to help you live your healthiest and happiest life. I poured my heart, soul (and pretty much all the contents of my brain) into it. My aim with STRONG is to educate and empower you, so that you can achieve lasting results for life.

Make your body STRONG. Move it. Nourish it. Thrive.

So what does the book contain?

  • A complete guide to lifting weights, for beginners and more advanced gym-goers. This includes workout plans and guidance on how to progress over time.
  • At home bodyweight and weighted workouts, including quick-fire HIIT routines.
  • A full section on supporting recovery, including stress reduction, stretching and sleep.
  • Chapters on goal setting, progress and achieving long term motivation.
  • Self-love and positive-mindset techniques and tips.
  • Dietician approved in-depth nutrition guidance and principles, including advice for eating out, portion control, reading food labels and healthy food hacks.
  • Over 40 mouth-watering recipes including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and desserts. These are all super simple and use easy-to-access ingredients.

This book is not a fad, a detox or a short term diet. It is a guide for life. Something you can use and apply to your own personal situation, and make work for you, forever.

Check out my videos of making the book, the cover reveal, the launch party and answering your questions!

Read the awesome reviews on Amazon!:

“This book is amaaazing. Filled with tons of knowledge about everything health and fitness related, and I can not explain the motivation it has given me to create loads of little healthy lifestyle changes that have already given me some great results not only physically but more importantly mentally. For anyone who is interesting in healthy eating and exercising and learning more about it, this is definitely the book for you. The section on self love is completely refreshing and unique. I can not recommend this book enough. Best investment I have probably ever made, it has changed my life (as cheesy as that sounds!)”

“This book exceeded my expectations. It is chocked full of knowledge bombs, guidance, affordable (and tasty) recipes, exercises with clear pictures/explanations. So useful and clear – no waffle! What I loved most was the advice on how to implement change/fit in workouts, and healthy habits into your daily life. Zanna’s personality jumps off the page making it an engaging, fun, and easy book to pick up and read. It is refreshing to have a book published that actually cares about its readers health and general wellbeing rather than trying to sell you some faddy diet or short term weightloss/fitness plan. This book is suitable for anyone looking to implement lasting and realistic changes and healthy habits into their life – which lets face, is the majority of us!”

“Zanna’s book is hands down one of the best lifestyle book on the market. I have struggled to find my balance when it comes to exercise but Zanna’s approach is incredibly effective. The resistance training sections are probably the best part of the book and to be honest I would of happily bought the book just for that. Weights weren’t something I really saw benefits from but after 2 months of using them I have seen huge results that are only down to Zanna.”

“I want to give this more than 5 stars because it’s so packed full of good advice and information. I’ve struggled for such a long time with my diet/weight/mental attitude towards food and what is actually healthy. This book gives all the info you need but in a way that is easy to understand and doesn’t make it seem like it’s an impossible task. I bought it just at the right time and the fact it also contains weight workouts is super helpful!”

“This book is THICK with all kinds of information that can be applied no matter what your fitness level. She has basically created a book that eliminates confusion about how to train, how to eat well and how to accept and love your body now, as well as in the future. As a personal trainer myself, the topics she covers in here answer questions that I am asked on a daily (if not hourly) basis. I will certainly be getting this book for my clients – it’s a one stop shop. Massive tick of approval from someone with over 10 years experience lifting, training and working in this industry.”

“This is a fantastic book for busy people. Great exercises, and the routines only take about 20-30 mins. Very simple, quick and delish recipes. I have actually been using the book every day. I’m a vegetarian and although most of the recipes are veggie friendly, the others are easy to adapt. Breath of fresh air!”

“I love this book. I’m committed to improving my lifestyle, but was so confused by all the recent messages about what to eat and when. I now feel able to make the right choices. I have always been far more into weights than cardio, so her approach to lifting is right up my street. I love how she explains how to keep advancing. I’ve re read the book a few times through as it is densely packed with info and I think it’s a book to keep referring to. I honestly feel like if I follow her principles I will be able to reach my goals permenantly and make a healthy life for my family.”

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