My Rio Olympics Experience with Adidas

I can’t even begin to describe my excitement when an email landed in my inbox from Adidas, inviting me to the Rio 2016 Olympics! I couldn’t quite believe what I was reading. (I genuinely refused to believe it and was in complete denial that it was actually happening until I was on the flight to Brazil!). Of course I hastily replied with a casual “YES, PRETTY PLEASE!!” and next thing you know I was jetting off to Brazil in business class feeling like an absolute baller!

The Concept

Adidas are clever little blighters. The masterminds at Adidas HQ came up with the genius idea of a “creator house” in Rio. Basically, they rented out this badass villa (I mean it had a pool and a swing, it was legit) and flew in “influencers” (cringe!) from all over the world. We lived in this villa with an awesome team of fun-loving people for one jam-packed week. They took us to the games, set up loads of local activities, fed us tonnes of delicious food and introduced us to the adidas athletes (I fangirled at Tom Daley and I am not ashamed). The best bit? They didn’t put any pressure on us to make specific content, they just let us have an awesome time and organically document our experiences. No pressure. No fuss. Which made the whole thing a million times more relaxed and fun!

The Games

Adidas had the hook-up. They got us crazy-good seats to the sports we went to see. I personally attended the cycling, basketball and of course, the athletics; all of which were incredible. At the cycling I got to see world and olympic records be broken! I got sucked into the crowds energy and I literally lost my shit when the British team won the mens cycling sprints. At the basketball, the game was intense and engaging… but the audience were hilarious! Mexican waves, chants and songs interspersed the match. Plus there was a “party cam” which made everyone start dancing on their chairs! Finally, the athletics were a huge highlight of the trip for me. Our seats were right next to the start line for the 100m. You could practically smell the athletes! Again, I got sucked into the atmosphere and ended up screaming like a banshee everytime a British athlete came on! I loved seeing Jess Ennis and Greg Rutherford achieve their medals. My favourite moment was when Mo Farrah came back from a fall and went on to win gold in the 10,000m; and then came and hugged his daughter who was seated in front of me. I could see the tears in his eyes and I felt so proud to be supporting him and Team GB.

The Athletes

Adidas sponsor certain athletes, which means that they had the power to allow us to meet them. This usually took place at the “Creator Space” which was a big communal area near the Olympic park where the Adidas team worked and played. Many-a party was had there. A lot of the athletes just hung out in this space, which is actually how I met Tom Daley. He was just sat innocently munching on some tea and biscuits when I pounced on him. We bonded over the fact our books come out on the same date, and now we are basically BBFs.

Besides bumping into athletes, we also did some arranged activities with them. Our first was a swimming activity with Brita Steffen, a gold medal winning world record holder. First things first, her body was absolutely banging and I genuinely fancied her. Secondly, she dropped some swimming knowledge bombs and taught me how to do butterfly in a one-on-one lesson; quite the task with someone who struggles to coordinate their lanky limbs! The next athlete we met was Olympic medalist Clarisse Agbegnenou from France who is basically a Judo wizard. She was hilarious. She acted all sweet and innocent, then kicked your ass and threw you over her head! She taught me some key Judo moves to show anyone who’s boss. Finally, another highlight for me, I got to go for a morning run with Haile Gebrselassie! If you don’t know who he is, he has won a ridiculous amount of medals and awards for his athletic performances. It was an absolute honour to sit and chat with him in the sunshine before going on a run around the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon. He was so down to earth and his positive energy was infectious. He never stopped smiling and neither did I.

The Activities

In between the games and hanging out with the athletes, Adidas scheduled in tonnes of activities to keep us busy. Whenever we had spare time at the creators house they would bring in personal trainers to put us through our paces, which was seriously sweaty in the Rio heat! On the first night we had a girls night out, which started with a shindig at the Creators base and ended with us partying into the morning at a club called Fabric. You would have thought the Brazilians would love dancing, but they seemed alarmed when we strode in and threw shapes all over the dance floor. (Which may be because we had about as much rhythm as a clang of drunk badgers).

The Adidas team brought in hair and makeup artists for us before our night out and certain dinners, which made us feel ultra-glam! One day they even got us massages… which admittedly felt like women slapping us randomly with coconut oil but its the thought that counts hey?! I particularly enjoyed the outdoor activities we did. One day we explored the Rio Botanical Gardens which are honestly one of the most beautiful gardens I have been in. Another, we hiked up Sugarloaf mountain and took in the stunning view from the top. Rio is by far the most beautiful city I have ever seen, especially from above. It is a combination of rolling hills, breath-taking mountains, luscious beaches and bustling city streets. Dreamy.

All in all…

The trip was bloody brilliant. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity which I still can’t quite believe I have had! I returned to the UK feeling inspired by the amazing people I met and incredibly grateful to have been able to go on this adventure. I want to say a huge thank you to Adidas for taking me; and I hope you guys enjoyed following the fun across my social media!

Lots of love,

Zanna xx

Photo Credits: Guiga Pira for Adidas

August 22, 2016

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How To Spend A Healthy Day In London

I get tweets and emails on an almost daily basis asking for recommendations of places to eat, drink and workout in London. I do have an abundance of blog posts on the subject for example thisthisthis and this. However, I know it can be a challenge to trawl through all my previous content to find my top tips. As a result, I have compiled a comprehensive list of my favourite things to do on a day in London if you’re a foodie or a fitness freak like me!

Take A Class

London is the best place in the UK to find fun, unique and challenging fitness classes; and there is literally something for everyone. My top recommendations are F45, Kobox, BOOMCycle, Frame or Barry’s Bootcamp; but there are so many more. You can even do sunrise yoga in the Shard if you’re feeling super fancy!

Eat Great Breakfast Food

London has some damn good brunch spots. There are highlights in practically every borough of the city but my personal favourites include Beany Green in Paddington, Ben’s Canteen in Battersea, Granger and Co or The Grain Store in Kings Cross, Grill Market or The Good Life Eatery in South Kensington, Lantana Cafe in Shoreditch and Brickwood in Clapham Common.

Hit The Wholefoods Shops

London has an abundance of huge health food shops which just aren’t available in the rest of the UK. You will literally be in heaven getting lost in the gigantic aisles crammed with delicious wholesome goodies. My favourite spots are the flagshop Wholefoods shop in High Street Kensington and the range of Planet Organic stores across London (my favourite is the one is on Tottenham Court Road which has its own cafe too!).

Explore The Markets

London has a whole host of incredible markets for you to browse. The most famous is of course Borough Market which is absolutely huge and crammed full of unique food stalls. It is also right next to Monmouth coffee which is said to be some of the best in London so be sure to pop in for a brew. I also personally love Maltby Street Market for grabbing food to go, as well as the Southbank Market for a fresh juice or lunch. If you have time then I also love Brixton Village Market and of course the Brick Lane Markets. There are so many to choose from!


You guys know I am all about indulging in delicious (less healthy) foods from time to time. Life is for living and food is for eating! A few of my favourite places to grab a treat are Sloane Brothers on Brick Lane where you literally can get full on brownies and custard creams stacked up on your froyo! I also love Crosstown Doughnuts and Dum Dum Doughnuts for warm gooey delicious doughnutty goodness. Finally, for a savoury treat I love going all out at Sticks and Sushi for dinner; and their dessert menu is a dream.

Go Activewear Shopping

Whenever I am outside of London I find that there aren’t many (or any!) good sports shops around. Whereas here in the city there are a whole bunch! My favourite is of course Active in Style on Kings Road who stock my very own activewear collection as well as all my favourite brands. There are also huge Adidas and Nike stores on Oxford Street, but I actually prefer the womens-only Nike shop which is again on Kings Road and has a curated selection of the best kit available. While you’re on kings Road you can also pop into Sweaty Betty and walk over to The Sports Edit on Fulham Road too.

Explore The Parks

London has a whole host of gorgeous parks which you can explore. I personally love Battersea Park the most due to its range of features from the lakes and forest paths through to the fountains, zoo, mini golf and even Go-Ape! However I also recommend St James Park near the Palace and of course Hyde Park. If you are feel particularly adventurous, the view of sunrise from Primrose Hill park is the best in London.

Get Active

The best way to explore London is either on foot or on a bike. The different areas of the city are surprisingly close to each other and often in walking distance, which means you can avoid the sweaty tube. Just download the app CityMapper and use it to help plan your journeys. London also has the famous Boris Bikes which you can hire for a small cost and ride around the city. Perfect on a sunny day!

I hope you have found this blog post useful and it helps you to plan your time in London. Let me know any of your recommendations in the comments below!

Zanna xx

August 14, 2016

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Healthy Cafes & Shops In Bondi Beach, Sydney

Bondi is an area of Sydney well known for its diverse and rapidly expanding wellness scene. I only managed to explore it for a couple of days but I soon hunted down some healthy food haunts that I want to share with you!

Banana Blossom Salads

This is a great spot for a healthy lunch. These guys serve up the most incredible Asian inspired salads to eat in or to go. I loved the satay chicken noodle bowl and my boyfriend agreed it was absolutely delicious!


Orchard is a small corner cafe specialising in drinks, teas and “elixirs”. Their decor is to die for and their drinks are delicious. However, their healthy cakes were the highlight for me. They are like delicious pieces of intricate art!

Acai Brothers

This place was my idea of heaven. You choose your acai bowl blend (I recommend the nutella one!), any add ins (e.g. protein powder) and then all your toppings. The end product is a very instagrammable bowl of dreams. Plus they serve up warmer acai based breakfasts like oatmeal and pancakes in the winter, as well as a huge selection of smoothies, coffees and juices.

Bondi Wholefoods

This place is famous for their breakfasts and their epic smoothies. While I was there they had a special snickers smoothie which was quite literally mind blowing. They also have an attached whole-foods shop which is crammed full of every healthy treat, product or ingredient under the sun and is pretty much any fitness freaks paradise.

Cali Press

This is a chain of juice bars across Sydney, and a great place to grab a quick drink and snack. I loved their maple energy balls and godfather shake while my boyfriend was obsessed with their peanut butter jelly smoothie.


Scoop is basically a healthy pick and mix shop. They have aisles and aisles of every healthy ingredient under the sun from chocolate covered macadamias and coconut crusted dates, through to star anise and pink Himalayan salt. They also blend their own nut butters (the coconut cashew looked insane!) and sell a selection of healthy snacks and treats as well as their own baking mixes.

Earth Food Store

This little treasure trove is tucked down the back streets of Bondi Beach. It has a cafe which serves up fresh coffee, juices, breakfasts, lunches and treats; as well as a tiny shop attached to it which stocks a selection of healthy goodies. It is perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of busy Bondi.

About Life

About Life is a chain of whole foods shops which are located across Sydney. I popped into the one at Bondi Junction and ended up spending over an hour browsing the shelves. I was in healthy food heaven! They also serve up breakfast and lunch and are known for their pick and mix salads.


There were lots and lots of other healthy cafes on my hit list for Bondi but I didn’t have time to try them all during my short trip. If you want to look into them yourself, they included; Earth to Table (known for their raw desserts), Henley’s Wholefoods, Porch & Parlour (famous for their breakfast bowls) and Sadhana Kitchen (apparently they have some of the best acai bowls around!).

Let me know any of your recommendations in the comments below!

Zanna xx

August 5, 2016

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